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Version History for SEER*Stat


Version 9.0.30:

1. Updated the application icon to be more visible.
2. The Session Data tab would sometimes not display the name of the linked database.
3. Added "Database ID", "Link ID", and "Use Summary Files" fields to the Results Settings tab.
4. Various fixes to tab order and accessibility.
5. Canceling out of a load database would sometimes just start the process again.
6. Fixed an issue where the user would have to re-login when selecting Databases tab on the Project Profile Edit dialog.
7. Improved font size and color for File Menu options.
8. Changed "Settings" tab on the Results window to read "Session Properties".
9. Importing Profiles would cause the checkmark to disappear on the Project Profiles dialog.
10. The Edit Profile window would report "Name already in Use" when launched at the start of the application.
11. Fixed icons on the Project Profiles and Edit Profile dialogs when launched at the start of the application.
12. The Login window would sometimes fall behind other windows.
13. The Arrange window functions Tiled, Horizontal, Vertical, and Cascade will arrange all windows on the monitor that the
current window resides in.
14. When viewing a dictionary from the Select Database dialog, you should not be able to change the variables.
15. When changing databases, variables would be removed from a session and no Invalid Variables dialog would be displayed.
16. Values entered for MPSIR Parameters - Latency, Attained Age, Calendar Years were not being saved for the next session.
17. A database change might result in a Rate session having an Age Variable that did not match the Statistic tab Age Variable.
18. In certain situations, using a Merged Variable would cause an error when executing a session.
19. Fixed an issue where a Survival session would display a warning about a variable that wasn't being used.
20. Removed Frequency sessions using the Trends statistic.
21. Updated the copyright date for OpenSSL.
22. Fixed some spacing issues at the bottom of Session Table tabs.
23. Added a "Copy Variables" button to various screens. This button will allow you to copy variable names to the clipboard. If
the variables are in a tree, then a dialog is displayed to allow you to pick the format and selection of the variables.
24. Fixed required range for Confidence Interval Level for Survival, Prevalence, MPSIR, and Life Table sessions.
25. Fixed some display issues on grids with "locked" columns.
26. Fixed a slowdown when displaying very large Case Listing tables.
27. Added a warning message if a session will generate over 20,000 columns.
28. Fixed a bug when SEER*Stat consolidates Period Estimate Year ranges in a Survival session.
29. Added an error message if an Out of Memory occurs when loading a large Case Listing.
30. Fixed formatting for max number of cells error message.
31. Fixed computation of number of cells for Life Table sessions.
32. Fixed an exception which would sometimes happen when changing databases on an MPSIR session.
33. Fixed a problem where selected variables and selection statements for sessions were not retained after a database change.
34. Added the ability to download offline results.
35. Fixed problem where using the checkbox to save your password would sometimes show a connection error.


Version 9.0.29:

1. Updated OpenSSL to 3.0.9.
2. Servers have been updated to OpenSSL 3.0.9 as well. No alpha clients prior to 9.0.29 will be able to connect.


Version 9.0.28:
1. Updated OpenSSL to 1.1.1t. This is a security update for communications encryption.
2. UI changes to the Client-Server Login dialog and Change Password dialog.


Version 9.0.27:
1. Exporting was not removing thousand separators even if it was selected.
2. Removed the terminology of Survival Special Intervals.
3. Saving a matrix would sometimes result in an error saying the matrix had been modified by someone else.
4. Fixed a problem where Exported Referent Rates were not being added as a new database to the current Profile.
5. On the Table tab of any session, you can click in a table control, press Control-C, and get all of the text from
that table put on the clipboard.
6. Added code to ensure all Main Windows start within the bounds of the virtual desktop.
7. Reversed the order of precision values in the Filter dialog.
8. In the Edit Variable dialog, the Left and Right arrow buttons were not saving the indentation changes that were made.
9. Client-Server login dialog changed to use Email instead of Username. This dialog also allows you to reset your
password with an Access Code.
10. The graphing options sometimes would erroneously not allow a variable to be used as a by-var.
11. Fixed an exception when resizing a column on a grid with hidden rows.
12. In the Edit Export Column Names dialog, clicking cancel on the Edit Name dialog would still perform the rename.
13. In the Edit Export Column Names dialog, you can only use alpha numeric characters (including underscore and hyphen) for column names.
14. For very large Case Listing results, every 10 million records are shown as a separate page. If you export, the entire Case Listing is
exported regardless of the page you are viewing.
15. For very large Case Listing results, printing is limited to the first 500,000 records.
16. MPSIR Frequency graphs were sometimes displaying the variables incorrectly.
17. On the Rate Statistics tab, changed the text of "Use MP-SIR Rates" to "Create MP-SIR Rates".
18. The Life Table session would think it was modified immediately after loading.


Version 9.0.26:
1. The display of the Data tab would be incorrect if there were Population Variables.
2. Importing a Session from a text file would throw an incorrect "Unknown File Type" message.
3. Fixed an error that might occur when loading most recently opened files.
4. Fixed an improperly set flag in the MPSIR session.
5. Case Listing variables were sometimes mis-typed internally.
6. On the Life Table Statistic Tab, the “Expected Survival Table” combo box should always be enabled.
7. Session person selection information was not being cleared when turning off the "Person Selection" check box on the Case Listing Selection tab.
8. Prevalence sessions were not storing a "Time Prior to Prevalence Date" variable.
9. Prevalence sessions were loading the Prevalence Date year incorrectly on the Statistic tab.
10. The Survival Study Cutoff Year was not being loaded correctly on the Parameters tab.
11. You would sometimes get a lockup when trying to save a Survival session.
12. The Frequency Trend Variable would not be updated when changing the database.
13. The Output tab's Min Cases was not being enabled/disabled after changing the database.
14. The Prevalence session would throw messages that were not needed after changing the database.
15. The Frequency Selection tab would sometimes change the Standard Selections after changing the database.
16. On the MPSIR Rate tab, the Rate File Details box should not wrap the text.
17. Referent Rate files cannot be saved or modified.
18. On the matrix viewer window, added a resize pull to the header to show more or less of the titles (for a matrix or a table).
19. You can now select multiple files to open in the Browse dialog.


Version 9.0.25:
1. Added new icons for the cohort tree, variables list, and case selection.
2. "N/A" is displayed for "Linked By" or "Linked To" on the Select Database dialog instead of being blank.
3. "N/A" is displayed for "Linked By" or "Linked To" on the Data Tab instead of being blank.
4. The Population variables list is hidden on the Data Tab if the session is a Frequency, Survival, or Case Listing.
5. "Use MP-SIR Rates" selection on the Rate Statistic tab was not being loaded from a save file.
6. The Person Selection checkbox was not being disabled for databases that did not support person selection.
7. For Rate sessions, changing the Age variable on the Data tab was not updating the Age variable on the Statistic tab.
8. On the session tabs, some edit boxes should only allow numeric input.
9. Fixed an Exception received when trying to open the File menu and no old SEER*Stat had ever been installed.
10. Fixed a crash when editing a changed database variable.
11. Removed grid lines from the list in the Variable Import and Variable Export dialogs.
12. Sometimes the Back button on the File menu would not take you back to the Main Window.
13. Trying to load a non-existent file was displaying the wrong error message.
14. Some variables were still showing in the Settings tab of the Results Window.
15. Copy and Pasting Session information from the Results Window was not formatted properly.
16. When printing a matrix that contained multiple pages, sometimes the headers would not line up with the columns.
17. Fixed a crash when executing a Survival session with Period Survival selected.
18. Arranging the windows would sometimes result in garbled text or graphics.
19. When auto-updating from the Edit Profile window, the most recent data location change would be lost.
20. Changed default server address to "ssp://" (IP address is
21. The client will only work with servers that support version 9.0.25 or better.
22. Added a command line option "-oldserver" to allow the client to connect to older servers (8.X.X).
23. Canceling a cancel in the Edit Profile window was still closing the window.
24. Canceling a change to a new Profile would result in an error message with a blank profile name.
25. Modified the Server Version Mismatch dialog to display a different message if connecting to an old server.

Version 9.0.24:
1. Added new session icons and general icons to the application.
2. Sometimes the wrong icon would show in the file list.
3. Saving a Case Listing would sometimes give an "Invalid Matrix" error.
4. Improved the text when connecting to a server which requires a newer version of the client application.
5. The Valid / Invalid status for profiles was incorrect on the Profiles window.
6. You can no longer make an Invalid profile the current profile.
7. When you edit a profile, and it contains a server with a newer required version, you will be asked to download it.
8. The options for a Case Listing Result were not working correctly.
9. The Edit Profile dialog would sometimes incorrectly report when editing a profile that there was already a profile with that name.
10. The result Options dialogs were not letting you hit Enter to type multiple lines for the Title.
11. An MPSIR session would sometimes complain about variables that weren't actually included.
12. General fixes to speed up the loading of a Case Listing result.
13. The Case Listing button on the Survival Table tab was not enabling and becoming visible correctly.
14. The Case Listing Options dialog would sometimes have erroneous text in the title section.
15. Cut-Points on the MPSIR Parameters tab were not being saved correctly.
16. Sometimes canceling a job would instead complete the job offline.
17. Fixed an error when importing referent rate variables.
18. On the Import Referent Rates From Text dialog, the displayed Cohort Values were incorrect.
19. The Referent Rate Import Variable Specification dialog was not working correctly.
20. Changed the mouse pointer to busy while renaming an MPSIR Rate in the Referent Rates dialog.
21. Added a "Both" button to the Case Listing Table tab.
22. The Prevalence Survival Cohort tab was not allowing multiple uses of the Move buttons.
23. In the Import Referent Rates From Text dialog, the variables loaded from OE R1 were not showing the correct values.
24. The Select Linked Database dialog was not showing the database name.
25. User created categories were not being saved.
26. Moving groups up or down in the Merge Variable dialog would cause an error.
27. You could click on a group to edit it in the Merge Variable dialog, then get an error if you kept the same name.
28. Creating a Rate session with a custom database would cause a crash if there were invalid variables present.
29. On the Case Listing Table tab, the Both button at the bottom was only adding to one list.
30. On the Case Listing Table tab, using the buttons at the bottom would remove focus from the Available Variables list.
31. Modifying the title lines for some session results would not update the title over the matrix in the Results window.
32. The Rates result window was falling behind the session window when launched from the Referent Rates dialog.
33. The MPSIR Selection tab Clear button was not clearing the selection criteria.
34. Patients with more than 50 records were causing a crash in MPSIR calculations.


Version 9.0.23:
1. Added better messages if a file is of unknown type.
2. Files without extensions (or wrong extensions) would cause an error when loading.
3. Added a new splash screen to the application.
4. Improved drawing of fonts.
5. The font selected on the Results window was not being remembered.
6. Changing the title in the Case Listing Options window, was not changing the title on the Results window.
7. When importing variables, the import would sometimes never complete.
8. When importing variables, the import would sometimes miss values in a variable.
9. Note: You can change the font and font size on the Result window by pressing the Font button in the toolbar.
10. Updated internal version to match SEER*Stat changes for version 8.4.0.

Version 9.0.22:
1. The COD selection on Life Table and Survival Statistics tabs was being reset.
2. When using the Browse button on the File Tab (under Open or Save As), the dialog will start in your current
profile's "Open or Save" directory. After the first use, the starting directory will be the topmost Recent Folder.
3. Added a "View More Database Details" button to the Data tab.
4. Changed the layout for the File Tab - Open and Save As.
5. Added icons to the folder and file lists in the File Tab.
6. Clicking on the Order column in the Select Database dialog was not sorting correctly.
7. Clicking on the Order or ID column in the Databases tab of the Edit profile dialog was not sorting correctly.
8. The order of display variables on the Table tab was not being maintained after saving and loading.


Version 9.0.21:
1. Changing Survival Life pages on the graph tab was not keeping the combo box settings.
2. Column graphs will be indented from the edges of the graph.
3. Double-click on the Select Database dialog was not working.
4. The Edit Variable dialog was not scrolling the Values list to display the selected values.
5. On the Edit Variable dialog, the "Values (# Selected)" was not being updated properly.
6. On the Edit Variable dialog, using the arrow keys to change the group would not update the values.
7. On the Edit Variable dialog, you could get duplicate Group names.
8. On the Edit Variable dialog, the Update button was not enabling / disabling correctly.
9. On the Edit Variable dialog, the numbers added after Group names were not correct.
10. The Add All dialog should not be resizable.
11. The Add All dialog should not disable either option.
12. On the Edit Variable dialog, after an Add As a Single group, the new group name should be editable.
13. On the Edit Variable dialog, after an Add As a Single group, the new group should have the values selected.
14. Maximizing the main window on a second monitor would sometimes make it too large.
15. Survival Life Page graphs should ignore session row variables.
16. Graphing will default to not displaying summary values (after a space value).
17. You were unable to delete a Case Listing result file even after closing the Results window.
18. Moved CI Level to its own section on the Survival Statistics tab.
19. On the Rate Statistic tab, the Delay Adjustment controls are only visible if you can select a new Delay Factor.
20. You cannot delete a Case or Matrix file while the Result window is open, and vice-versa.
21. You cannot use the File / Options / Login feature while a session is open.
22. Matrix Options would error if you had a Case Listing generated by another session type (like MPSIR).
23. LT Survival matrix files were larger than they should be.
24. On graphs, Point Markers are not allowed for Column graphs.
25. On graphs, Survival Life pages now allows you to select multiple statistics to display.
26. On graphs, improved resizing of the combo boxes at the top of the tab.


Version 9.0.20:
1. Fixed an error when trying to import settings from old SEER*Stat.
2. Fixed an error where the Age variable on the Data Tab was loaded incorrectly.
3. Added "..." to Settings display for User Definitions past 20 values.
4. In Print Preview, if the number of variable definition lines exceeds 300, you will get asked if you want them included.
5. Printed cell values were showing blank.
6. General speed up for Print Preview.
7. Export was not updating the progress bar correctly.
8. Introduced a limit of 1000 matrix pages for printing.
9. The Print Preview was not always updating for session changes.
10. Fixed "Out of Memory" error when using Add Rest in the Edit Variable dialog.
11. Fixed rename ending when clicking in the edit box in the Edit Variable dialog.
12. MPSIR Event Records setting was not being kept correctly.
13. Loading an MPSIR session would sometimes display an erroneous warning on variables to be removed from the table.
14. The MPSIR Statistic tab would sometimes incorrectly report an "Invalid Events of Interest".
15. MPSIR sessions would sometimes change session variable settings on load.
16. The Results matrix would sometimes size a column too small for the header text on higher levels.
17. The Edit Variable dialog was not resizing correctly.
18. Lightened up the selection color in the Results grid.
19. The Open and Save were not defaulting to the directory specified in the profile settings.
20. Exporting a Case Listing twice would sometimes cause an error.
21. MPSIR sessions were not saving the sort variables correctly.
22. Deleting the last value in a Merged Variable would delete all values.
23. Creating a Merged variable using a User-Defined variable would report "Invalid Field".
24. Result graph information was still linked to the original session window. This has been fixed.
25. When exporting a SAS program, the input file sometimes had the extension twice.
26. Showing or hiding flags would sometimes not work.
27. Too much space was being set aside for flags in the Results columns.
28. Markers on the graph now default to off for Column Graphs (Survival) and on for Line Graphs (All Others).
29. On the Survival Statistic tab, made the Definition of Cause of Death list darker when disabled.
30. Graphs now extend the full width of the graph (the first X value is along the Y-axis).
31. Survival Life Pages now have additional statistics groups to graph.
32. Closing the Dictionary with the X button would not update sessions with new variables.
33. "Show Row Popup Menu" and "Show Column Popup Menu" in the Results window were not always working.
34. Right-clicking in a Case Selection result window would unselect all selected rows.
35. Copying Rows in a Case Selection result would miss the last column.
36. Single clicking the plus\minus button would not expand\collapse a node on Values list of the Graphing section.
37. Changing "Period Survival" on a Survival Session was not changing the Conditional Survival and Interval parameters.
38. Combo boxes on the Survival Statistic tab are now longer and resize with the window.

Version 9.0.19:
1. Fixed a bug when creating a new variable.
2. Fixed a problem with MPSIR displaying Calculated Variables icons incorrectly on the Table tab.
3. Fixed a problem where MPSIR was unable to recognize Index record variables on the Table tab.
4. Fixed graphing variable determination for special page types in Survival, Prevalence, and MPSIR.
5. Speed up for scrolling matrices of Life Table, Survival, and Prevalence.
6. The default selection for Survival Multiple Primary was sometimes incorrect.
7. After changing databases, removal of invalid fields would sometimes run forever and lockup the application.
8. Added title bar buttons for Open and Close.
9. The export warning about overwriting files would not let you cancel.
10. Canceling the Edit Export Column Names dialog would cause an error.
11. The Edit Profile dialog is now resizable.
12. The Edit Profile dialog - Database tab - database lists did not have a database Id column.
13. The Profiles dialog now defaults to selecting the current profile.
14. In rare cases, you could have a blank current profile.
15. A session loaded with a hidden database was not displaying a message and being made visible.
16. The Select Database dialog was not refreshing the list after showing/hiding databases.
17. You can now select and copy the Database name at the bottom of the Select Database dialog.
18. The auto-update dialog was not displaying correctly.
19. The Other Locations combo boxes on the Edit Profile dialog were not displaying old selected folders.
20. Added a dialog that allows you to import the settings from Old SEER*Stat.
21. You can't right-click on the Result Matrix in the top left corner.


Version 9.0.18:
1. In the Edit Variable dialog: Group names were not being checked for errors.
2. In the Edit Variable dialog: Long unlabeled values were not being stored.
3. In the Edit Variable dialog: Unlabeled values with spaces would be reported as invalid.
4. Added "Show Point Markers" to the graphing options.
5. In the Edit Variable dialog: The Add Rest action would run forever.
6. Fixed collapsing tree of Display Variables when new variable added to the dictionary.
7. Changing options on the matrix would result in a Print Preview being wrong.
8. Row numbers were not printing for Case Listings.
9. Formatted and Unformatted menu items on Case Listings were working incorrectly.
10. Selected cells were showing in the print.
11. Copying cells from a matrix might fail or include hidden columns.
12. The "Std Errors" and "Conf Intervals" matrix options for Survival and LT Survival were not enabled sometimes.
13. Headers would wrap incorrectly when printing a matrix with hidden columns.
14. Fixed general Matrix option issues where a refresh was needed.
15. Fixed case where some pages of a Prevelance matrix were not displaying correctly.
16. The MPSIR Event Variable dialog would not allow multiple selections.
17. The MPSIR Event Variable dialog was not storing the default selections correctly.
18. Newly created MPSIR event variables were not showing up in the combo box.
19. On the MPSIR Table Tab, for Frequencies, the "Index Record" check box would sometimes overlap the Column button.
20. Sometimes loading a result matrix would cause an error "Exception: Index was out of range."
21. MPSIR Events Event Variable, Survival Statistic COD, and Life Tables Statistic COD will auto select newly created variables.
22. Life Tables Statistic was not showing selections in the Definition of Cause of Death.
23. Job progress dialogs no longer cover all other windows.
24. Added Shift and Ctrl functionality to selecting rows and columns in the result matrix.
25. Selecting and dragging past the edges of the result matrix was not scrolling the grid.
26. Fixed a bug where record sets were not converting between old and new correctly. This could cause failures in MPSIR sessions.
27. Included a fix from old SEER*Stat for MPSIR calculation error (merged event variable).

Version 9.0.17:
1. In User Variable Categories dialog, fixed enabling of buttons and display of correct lists.
2. Changed the Graph Settings icon from a down arrow to a blue gear.
3. Some error messages were not being displayed for Prevalence sessions.
4. In the login dialog, if the username is blank, then focus should start there.
5. Maximizing the app should not cover the task bar.
6. Removed the Undo and Redo buttons in the title bar.
7. Changed the Save button in the title bar to be an outline like the other title bar buttons.
8. Changed the color of buttons on the session tabs to make them more distinct when enabled and disabled.
9. Made the text of disabled buttons on the toolbar much lighter.
10. Changed the "Action" tab to "Actions".
11. Refreshing the cache will now display a message box when completed.
12. The File tab should still show the title bar of the application.
13. Added more description to export and import session features.
14. Moved around some controls on the User Information dialog.
15. Login text changes to "Login as different user" if already logged in.
16. Toolbar buttons that are always disabled in the Results window are hidden.
17. Fixed a problem where row headers would blank out if you locked a row.
18. Changed text for "Copy Cell" to "Copy Selected Cells". "Copy Selected Cells" will copy all of the cells
selected including headers.
19. The wrong row was selected when using keyboard menu selection on the Results Matrix.


Version 9.0.16:
1. The Case Selection Line dialog was not validating single values correctly.
2. The Case Selection Line dialog was not displaying ranges and a selection list together correctly.
3. The Case Selection Line dialog was not displaying merged variable values correctly.
4. The Case Selection Line dialog was not displaying the value range correctly for large numbers.
5. The Case Selection Line dialog was not adding merged variables correctly when they evaluated to multiple lines.
6. Fixed an error when exporting variables.
7. Selecting a cell in a result matrix after highlighting rows and columns would cause an error.
8. Selecting all rows in a result matrix would sometimes blank the row headers.
9. Maximizing the main window on a second monitor would cause the window to vanish.
10. On the Frequency Statistic tab with Trends selected, the Edit P-Values button was not displaying a dialog.
11. Added auto-maximizing of lists to the Tables tab for all sessions. Also added to Prevalence - Survival Cohorts.
12. On the Tables tab, added a splitter bar (gray line) so that the top and bottom sections can be resized.

Version 9.0.15:
1. Users can now highlight citation information and copy it (from the Select Database window and the Citation window).
2. Fixed a problem where flags were not being displayed in the result matrix.
3. Fixed incorrect behavior of "unresolved issues" question at the end of the Invalid Session Variables dialog.
4. Fixed problem where retrieved sessions were modifying original session.
5. Fixed infinite loop of Warning Messages when you were loading a database and hit cancel on a warning message.
6. Fixed crash when trying to Save Session Text from retrieved session.
7. Fixed incorrect values showing up in Invalid Session Variables Definition dialog.
8. Retrieving a MPSIR session from a case listing would cause a crash.
9. The Select Referent Rates dialog was not working correctly when picking a new Referent Rate database.
10. A Case Listing (table) result should default to ".slm" extension when saving.
11. The message box when turning on the CanSurv/JPSurv option should only have a Close button.
12. The Edit Merged Variable dialog should automatically start to edit the name of newly added groups.
13. General fixes for importing variables.
14. Double-clicking a merged variable in the Dictionary was creating a new merged variable and not editing it.
15. Adding variables to a User Created Category was causing a crash.
16. Various fixes for the Variable Edit dialog, including not allowing duplicate values.
17. In Print Preview, changing the page orientation was not updating the preview.
18. In Print Preview, fixed a problem where printer settings and page settings were not synchronized.
19. Fixed crash when trying to print a matrix with multiple page types.
20. Fixed garbled columns when trying to print a matrix with multiple page types.
21. Column headers should print on every page of a grid.
22. Added a dialog to display the current print progression.
23. After printing, sometimes the results grid would have black areas.

Version 9.0.14:
1. Changed the coloring of the Main Window's title bar and tabs.
2. Added a View tab for arranging windows.
3. The icon for the session type is now displayed in the title bar.
4. Added a box around items being renamed in the Variable Edit dialog.

Version 9.0.13:
1. Fixed a crash when creating a new Prevalence session.
2. Fixed the link on the Prevalence - Survival Cohorts tab.
3. Fixed the "Send to Tech Support" button on the Exception window.
4. Fixed a crash when exporting and using "Preserve Columns".
5. Fixed issue where some graph column variables were not showing up.
6. Moved the CanSurv/JPSurv Output checkbox to the Output tab in Survival.
7. SEER*Stat servers are being updated. New SEER*Stat has to update as well.

Version 9.0.12:
1. Fixed crash in Prevalence Matrix Options dialog.
2. Fixed crash when selecting "Add Rest" in the Edit Variable dialog.
3. Fix for crash in the Invalid Session Variable Definitions dialog.
4. The Case Selection dialog was not allowing you to hit OK with no lines present.
5. New Merged Grouping dialog was not enabling the OK button.
6. Maximizing the main window would cover the Windows tool bar.
7. If there is no Graph tab in the Results window, then Export Graph is disabled.
8. Fixed various crashes in the MPSIR window.
9. The MPSIR window was not reloading referent rates on database change.
10. Fixed a bug that would cause profiles to be deleted.
11. Fixes for very large Matrices or Tables in the results window.
12. Fixed a crash when saving a table from the results window.
13. User-Defined and Merged variables should be sorted in the Dictionary list.
14. The delete key was not working on the Edit Variable dialog.
15. The export of user defined variables was not working correctly.
16. Deleting variables on the Dictionary dialog was not working correctly.
17. Changed graph label for "Rate" to "Rate per ###,###" for Rate Sessions.
18. The progress window show not be attached to it's parent.
19. Local databases should not be re-verified for each new session.
20. The MPSIR session was not displaying Rate Sessions or Rate Matrices.
21. The Edit Variable dialog was sometimes selecting the wrong values for a grouping.
22. The values in the Edit Variable dialog should not be indented.
23. Graphs for rate trend sessions were showing "Row Statistic" instead of the variable name.
24. Improved display of the X-Axis labels on graphs.

Version 9.0.11:
1. By default, "Remember my password for the future" and "Refresh cache files" should be unchecked on the Client-Server Login dialog.
2. Invalid server locations should be prevented when trying to add in a profile.
3. Stored passwords were being lost when "Refresh Cache Files" was on.
4. Fixed problem where Edit Profile dialog launched from Alert would not let you edit.
5. You now select items in the Results page tree with the arrow keys and space bar.
6. Fixed a problem where the Define Summary Intervals dialog would lockup when "Every" was selected.
7. The Exclusion Counts and Summary Files dialog had the radio boxes reversed and the OK button not centered.
8. Added checkbox for "Use Person Selection" to the Selection tab of the Frequency and Case Listing sessions. General
bug fixes for Person Selection controls.
9. Validation messages would sometimes be displayed when saving a session.
10. The address of the server was showing incorrectly in the Data Tab and Progress window.
11. Fix for error when pressing the Browse button in the Export dialog.
12. General fixes for Case Listing export.
13. General fixes for MPSIR sessions.

Version 9.0.10:
1. Fixed error when selecting multiple values in the Case Selection dialog window.
2. Multiple fixes for the "Invalid Session Variable Definitions" dialog.
3. Fixed problems with session not showing edited values from Invalid Variables dialog.
4. The "Population Variables" column was not always showing on the Select Database dialog.
5. Fix for citation not wrapping correctly on the Session Data Tab.
6. Increased the size of the Population Variables list on the Session Data Tab.
7. You can now align the main window using the window logo key and left or right arrow.
8. When changing the database for a session, the Select Database dialog show highlight the current database.
9. On the table tab, the delete key was not removing fields from the list.
10. Moving fields using Ctrl + Up and Ctrl + Down was not working.
11. Matrix window should prompt to save when closing it (if not already saved).
12. Added hotkeys menu items for the results window.
13. When the font for the results window is changed, the matrix is now resized with the new font.
14. Added "This Row" and "This Column" to the Highlight menu.
15. Added "Show Row Popup Menu" and "Show Column Popup Menu" to the Highlight menu.
16. Sometimes the row and column selection colors were not drawn correctly on the results grid.
17. Fixed column and row header resizing.
18. Set a limit of 1000 values for any one variable for graphing.
19. Removed the default page label for the results grid.

Version 9.0.9:
1. A canceled Client-Server session would complete remotely.
2. A modified session window was not asking to save the session.
3. Changed spelling of "e-mail" to "email".
4. The database version warning message would continue to show even after checked don't show.
5. Various updates to bring code up to date with old Seer*Stat code (8.3.8).
6. Fixes for autoscale mode when text is at a larger size.
7. Output Properties were not showing correctly for some session types.

Version 9.0.8:

1. Output Suppression checkbox not resetting when selected/unselected.
2. Selecting columns exception.
3. Non-Malignant Cases not shown in Rate Session.
4. Exception when exporting SAS with bad filename.
5. Double-clicking title bar is not normalizing / maximizing.
6. Install program is not setting up default data locations.
7. Session and Result Window label improved.
8. Add ability for new SEER*Stat to import old SEER*Stat exported profiles.
9. Fixed windows being too large when enlarged sizes used under Windows.
10. Fixed crash when selecting columns on results Grid.
11. Added Copy menu item to the Results toolbar.
12. Added Highlight menu item to the Results toolbar.
13. Added Find menu item to the Results toolbar.