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Statistics Calculated by SEER*Stat


SEER*Stat was developed by the NCI for the analysis and reporting of cancer statistics, in particular, statistics regarding cancer incidence, mortality, survival, and prevalence. The SEER*Stat program uses sessions as a means to logically organize these statistics. Survival, Limited-Duration Prevalence, and MP-SIR (Multiple Primary -- Standardized Incidence Ratios) sessions can only be used to calculate statistics related to those topics. Frequency, and Rate sessions, however, are named for the calculations and not their application. Frequency and Rate sessions are typically used to calculate statistics related to incidence and mortality, but the calculations performed in these sessions are generic in nature and could be applied to other types of data.

Case Listing is the only type of SEER*Stat session that is not used to calculate statistics. Instead, Case Listing sessions are used to create tables showing the actual values stored in the database. They provide a mechanism for displaying individual cancer records.

The following provides an overview of the statistics calculated in each of the SEER*Stat sessions. Follow the heading links for a complete listing of all available statistics.

Frequency results:

  • Counts of records
  • Percentages (row, column, cumulative)
  • Trends over time based on frequencies (percent change, annual percent change)

Rate results:

  • Crude rates (not adjusted)
  • Age-adjusted rates
  • Trends over time based on rates (percent change, annual percent change)
  • Other statistics related to the calculation of rates

Survival results:

  • Observed survival
  • Net survival (relative or cause-specific)
  • Crude probability of death (presence of other causes of death)
  • Conditional survival

Limited-Duration Prevalence results:

  • Prevalence counts
  • Crude (non-adjusted) percent
  • Age-adjusted percent

MP-SIR results:

  • Comparison of cancer incidence in a defined cohort of persons previously diagnosed with cancer to cancer incidence in the general population

Left-Truncated Life Tables results:

  • Cumulative Summary page
  • Detailed Life page

Case Listing results:

  • Values stored in the database for individual records. You choose the variables displayed and select the records included in the table.