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Server Version Mismatch


If you run SEER*Stat in client-server mode, your local version of SEER*Stat must be compatible with the version of the server(s) you log in to. If you try to log in to an incompatible server, a Server Version Mismatch dialog box will be displayed. Depending on your setup, you may have the following options for fixing the problem:

  • Auto-update your local copy of SEER*Stat. This will automatically download and install a compatible version of SEER*Stat onto your computer. This choice is recommended to help ensure that you are running the latest version of the software.
  • Change your active data locations by adding a new profile or editing an existing profile using the Edit Profile dialog so that you aren't using any incompatible servers. This choice is useful when you are intentionally running specific version(s) of the SEER*Stat software. If you are running seerstat.exe from a local area network, or from the CD-ROM or other read-only media, this will be the only option available.

If your copy of SEER*Stat cannot be auto-updated, you or your network administrator can download the latest version from the SEER*Stat website: