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Local vs. Client Server Mode


SEER*Stat can operate in one of two modes, "local" and "client-server". In local mode, all processing and data are local to your PC environment; that is, your PC performs all calculations, and the program and data files are stored on the PC itself, your local network, or a CD. In client-server mode, the SEER*Stat software installed on your PC is the client and contacts the SEER server via the Internet to access data and perform calculations.

In Local Mode

In Client-Server Mode

It is not necessary to be connected to the Internet. Your PC must be connected to the Internet, your firewall (if any) must allow communication with the SEER server, and you must have access to e-mail.
Calculations are performed by your PC. You must have a local copy of the SEER databases (on CD, hard drive, or network drive). Calculations are performed by servers maintained by the SEER Program, using the data stored there.
You have access to the databases on your CD, PC, or local network. You have access to a wider range of databases than are available on the CD-ROM.
You must check for and download new versions of SEER*Stat and the SEER databases. (You will receive e-mail notifying you of new versions that feature major changes.) You automatically receive new releases of the SEER*Stat program, and new databases will be available for use as soon as they are released.*
Your computer may be slowed down during large or complex analyses, and must remain on. Your computer will operate at normal speed while the SEER hardware performs analyses, and may be turned off entirely if you use the Finish Offline feature. (You will be notified by e-mail when analyses are complete.)

(* See or e-mail SEER*Stat Technical Support for more information about SEER*Stat's automatic updating feature.)

SEER*Stat determines which mode to operate in according to the database you select on each session's Data tab. If the selected database is stored in a server data location, SEER*Stat operates in client-server mode; if it is stored in a local data location, SEER*Stat operates in local mode.

When you connect to the server in client-server mode, you will be prompted for your user name and password.

For more detailed information about local and client-server modes, see the FAQ on the SEER*Stat website, located at: