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Statistics in a Frequency Matrix


Counts, the number of cases that meet the selection criteria for each table cell, is a statistic stored in every Frequency results matrix. Other statistics, listed below, may be included depending on specifications made on the session's Statistic tab. The display of these statistics may be suppressed in Frequency Matrix Options.

If you select Counts and Percentages, then the matrix will include:

  • Percents - for rows or columns
  • Cumulative Percents - for the row or column

If you select Trends, then the matrix will include these statistics:

  • Percent Change (PC)
  • Annual Percent Change (APC)

Delay Adjusted Frequency Statistics

Most of the statistics available in a normal Frequency session have a corresponding Delay Adjusted version. The following additional statistics are available when Delay Adjusting:

  • Delay Factor