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Rate Session


Rate sessions can be used to calculate crude rates, age-adjusted rates, and trends in rates over time. If you are interested in other statistics, see Statistics Calculated by SEER*Stat for an overview of statistics which can be calculated in other types of sessions.

Rate sessions can also be used specifically to create referent rates for use in MP-SIR sessions. To do this, open the Rate Statistic tab and select MP-SIR Rates. This will limit your options in the Rate session so that the resultant matrix will contain usable referent rates.

It is recommended that you work through a Rate session in the following order.

  1. Create or open a Rate session
  2. Data tab
  3. Statistic tab
  4. Selection tab
  5. Table tab
  6. Output tab
  7. Execute the session
  8. View output in the results matrix


Tutorials involving Rate sessions are available on the SEER*Stat website at: