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Multiple Primary Selections for Survival Sessions


The selections on the Multiple Primary section of the Survival Selection tab are as follows:

  • First Primary Only (Sequence Number 0 or 1) – This option includes the first tumor for each individual if that tumor matches the selection criteria and has a sequence number equal to 0 or 1. A sequence number equal to 0 indicates that it is the only tumor in an individual's history. A sequence number equal to 1 indicates that it is the first of two or more tumors in the individual's history.
  • First Primary Matching Selection Criteria – This option includes only the individual's first primary tumor in the database that matches the selection criteria.
  • All Tumors Matching Selection Criteria/One Tumor Per Life Page – This option includes all tumors that match the selection criteria. These could include multiple tumors for some individuals; however, only one record per person will contribute to any given life page. However, different tumors for an individual may contribute to separate life pages. Only the first tumor for an individual that could contribute to a given life page will be included in that life page. Please see Using All Tumors Matching Selection Criteria in Survival.