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Definition of Cause of Death


The cause of death must be defined for cause specific survival or probability of death using cause of death information. This section of the Survival Statistic tab allows you to choose the specific ICD codes that will define the set of individuals that have died of the cancer of interest. Cases that have died but do not fall in your defined definition of dead are considered to be censored at their time of death for net survival or died from other causes for crude probability of death.

Use the Create button on the bottom of the Statistic tab to create a new definition for dead and the Edit button to edit an existing definition. Make your ICD code selection on the Definition Cause of Death dialog, then assign a name to the grouping in order to save the definition.

After defining the cause of death, specify how you would like to treat cases with missing or unknown causes of death by highlighting the definition name and choosing one of the options on the right. You can either exclude them from the analysis, include them as cancer cases, or include them as deaths from other causes in the analysis.