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Client-Server User Edit Dialog


The Client-Server User Edit dialog displayed when you want to view or edit your user information on the server.

Controls available in this dialog:

  • Address edit box - The server address and port number you are using.
  • User Name edit box - Displays your user name.
  • Enter Current Password edit box - Enter your current password here to make changes.
  • Enter New Password edit box - Enter a new password here if you would like to change your password.
  • Re-Enter New Password edit box - Enter the same password that you entered in "Enter New Password".
  • Remember my password for the future check box - With this checked, your password will be stored for future sessions so that you don't need to enter it again.
  • New Email Address edit box - If you wish to change your email address, enter it here.
  • OK button - Confirms your information and sends an update to the server.
  • Cancel button - Cancels any changes and closes this window.