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Edit a Grouping in a User-defined Variable


To change an existing grouping in a user-defined variable, first open the variable in the Edit Variable dialog.

To change the values of a grouping:

  1. Select the grouping you want to change in the Groupings box. Its values will either be highlighted in the Values box or expressed as a range in the Unlabeled Values field. (The values for a few variables may be shown in both formats.)
  2. Highlight the correct values or edit the range of values for the grouping. To highlight multiple values, click and drag over them, or hold the Shift or Ctrl keys while clicking on them. Verify that only the appropriate groupings are highlighted, then click Update.

To change the name of a grouping:

  1. Highlight the grouping you want to rename in the Groupings box.
  2. Click Rename.
  3. Type in the new name and press Enter. It is important to use meaningful names, since grouping names are used as the row, column, and page labels in the results matrix.

You can also use the Up and Dn buttons to change the order of the groupings.