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Copying Results to a Windows Clipboard


Data from a SEER*Stat results matrix may be copied to the Windows clipboard and pasted into other programs. For some purposes, this may be more efficient than exporting the data to a file.

To copy data, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the matrix window first to make sure it is active.
  2. Open the Edit menu, then the Copy sub-menu.
  3. Select Cell to copy the contents of the selected cell, Page to copy the contents of the current page, All Pages to copy the entire contents of the matrix, or Session Information to copy the parameters of the session from which the matrix was generated.
    • Note that Ctrl+C, Ctrl+P, Ctrl+M, and Ctrl+R are keyboard shortcuts for these functions.
    • In a Case Listing matrix, the first three options are replaced by Selected Cells (Ctrl+C), which copies the highlighted cell, columns, or rows.
  4. Open the application in which you want to use the data, and paste it in. Look on the application's Edit menu for a Paste command (usually Ctrl+V is a keyboard shortcut), and refer to the application's help files if you have difficulty.

You can paste SEER*Stat data into spreadsheet applications and other software that handles tabular data.

If you copy a whole page or matrix, the column and row headers will be copied as well. Footnotes, flag characters, and titles will also be copied if they are included in the matrix. These features can be switched on or off in the matrix options.