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Features of a Results Matrix


The results matrix window is made up of a title, row and column headings, values displayed in cells, and footnotes. In addition, when a matrix window is active, the SEER*Stat menu bar will include a Matrix menu which provides access to the commands described below.

Calculated statistics or stratification variables are shown in rows, columns, or pages. The layout of the matrix is determined by the type of SEER*Stat session and by specifications made on the session's Table tab. The individual cells contain either statistics calculated by SEER*Stat or, in a Case Listing matrix, the values of variables in individual cancer records.

Title Bar

The title displayed in a matrix window is the first line of the matrix title from the Output tab. You may change the title in the Matrix Options dialog. Note that if you change the title in Matrix Options and then retrieve the session, the session will contain the original, not the edited title.


Flags are symbols displayed in a cell to indicate that a footnote applies to that cell. Flags displayed in a matrix window will be included in data exported or copied to the Windows clipboard. You may use the Matrix Options dialog to suppress the display of flags.


Footnotes are the statements displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the matrix window. Footnotes are specific to the page being displayed. A flag, or footnote character, is displayed in the appropriate cells. Footnotes are used for various reasons, including to describe specific calculations, indicate data sources, provide an explanation for empty cells, and show the results of significance testing. If a test is performed, the footnote is displayed in the status bar regardless of whether or not any cells on the page contain the footnote's flag character.

Footnotes displayed in a matrix window will be included in data copied to another application using the Windows clipboard. Use the Matrix Options dialog to suppress the display of footnotes.

Tabs on the Results Matrix window

Matrix Displays the main Results Matrix.
Settings Displays the Results Matrix - Settings Tab.
Graph Displays the Results Matrix - Graph Tab.

Working with the Matrix

The following commands for matrix manipulation are available on the Matrix menu. Commands for working with columns and rows are also available from the right mouse button menu. (Highlight one or more columns or rows and right-click them to access the right mouse button menu.)

Retrieve Session

Extract the session that created the matrix.


View or edit the matrix options.


Export results to a text file.

Export MP-SIR Rate

Export results as an MP-SIR Rate file. This command is only available for MP-SIR sessions.

Export Graph

Save the graph to an image format using the Export Graph dialog. This command is only available on the Graph tab.


Change the font used in the matrix.


This command displays a menu of highlighting options.


This command displays a menu of copying options.


Allows you to search for specific values in a given column. This command is only available for Case Listing sessions.