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Printing Results


To print out a SEER*Stat results matrix, first click on the matrix window to make sure it is active, then open the File menu and select Print. Adjust your printer settings as desired and click OK.

The print-out of a matrix contains everything that the print-out of the corresponding session would, plus the tables for the matrix. Graphs are NOT included in the print out of a results matrix. You will need to export graphs manually to image files.

The following options, which affect the appearance of the printed matrix, can be found on the Preferences dialog.

Use Shading When Printing

When this option is checked, shading will be added to the column and row titles of the printed results matrix to improve visual clarity. However, if you plan to make photocopies or send a fax of the printed matrix, it may be best to turn off this option.

Note that this option only concerns shading in row and column headings. When you choose to shade records by person on the Matrix Options dialog, those records will be shaded regardless of your selection on the Preferences dialog.

Print User-defined Variable Definitions

This check box allows you to choose whether or not to print the full definitions of user-defined variables used in your analysis. If selected, the title of the user-defined variable, the standard variable on which it is based, the groupings, and all values associated with each grouping are listed along with the session information on the print-out.

Note that if this option is unchecked, SEER*Stat will still list the title of any user-defined variables and the standard variables on which they are based on the print-out.

Start Each Matrix Page on New Printed Page

If your matrix tables span multiple pages, by default, SEER*Stat will print as many matrix "pages" on a printed page as possible, to conserve space. Check this option to require each new matrix page to be printed on a different piece of paper.

Print Dialog

  1. From the file menu select Print. 
  2. From the Print tab you can see a preview of the pages. The arrow control at the bottom left of the dialog will allow you to change pages when there are multiples, and the arrow control at the bottom right will allow you to zoom in and out.
  3. On the left of the dialog there are multiple sections:
    • The Print section has a button for printing.
    • The Copies section has arrow controls for changing the number of copies printed.
    • The Printer section has a dropdown list of available printers for you to select, and a link to Printer Properties.
      • The Printer Properties link opens a dialog with a tab for Layout that allows you another opportunity to change the page orientation, as well as determining the order of pages printed and whether to print one- or two-sided. 
    • The Setup section has a button to open the Page Setup dialog, where you can select paper size, change the page orientation, and set margins.