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Importing Rates


Importing Referent Rates

The Import Referent Rates From Text screen is used to import rates that were created outside of SEER*Stat.

  • Input File – Click Browse, navigate to the file you want to import and click Open.
  • File Contains Column Headers – Check this option if the file you are importing contains column headers as the first row.
  • File is OE R1 Specialized Format – The Observed Expected rate file format is an old format used primarily by IMS.
  • Field Delimiter – Select the type of delimiter used in the file or select None if the fields are fixed width.

Defining Variables

In the next section, you will define the variables in the import file. Event Variable is required.

  • Load – Loads a previously saved variable definition file. Browse to the location of the file and click Open to load it.
  • Save – Save a variable definition file for use in the future.
  • Add – Specify a new variable definition.
  • Change – Edit an existing variable definition.
  • Remove – Delete a variable definition.
  • Imported Rates Are Cases Per – Select the number of cases that each rate represents.

After all of your variables are defined, click OK. Click Export, then select MP-SIR Rate. Enter a title for the rate file (or keep the default, which is the first line of the matrix's title).

Choose a local Data Location in which to store the file:

  1. Click the down arrow to choose a previously used location, or click Browse to navigate to a directory on your computer or local network.
  2. Then click OK to generate the referent rate file.
  3. Return to the MP-SIR Rates tab, and find your new rate file available.

Note: User-created rate files are marked with the text "- User" in this list.