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Edit Profile - Preferences Tab


On the Preferences tab you can edit settings concerning user variables, printing options, and warning messages. 

Controls on the Preferences Tab:


  • Save User Variables to Dictionary - When you create a new variable, you have the option of using it only within your current session, or saving it to your dictionary as a user-defined variable. If this option is checked, then the Save to Dictionary option will be checked by default on the Edit Variable dialog.
  • Skip Summary Files - This option determines when to skip summary files for exclusion counts.

Printing Options

  • Use Shading When Printing - Mark this box to slightly darken the row and column title cells of the printed results matrix. Shading is designed to improve the visual clarity of the matrix. However, if you plan to photocopy or fax the printed pages, it may be preferable to turn shading off.
  • Print User-defined Variable Definitions - If this option is selected, the print-out of a session or matrix will include a listing of all user-defined variables used in that session. The listing includes each variable's name, the standard variable on which it is based, its groupings, and all values that make up each grouping.
  • Start Each Matrix Page on New Print Page - If you set a page variable on the Table tab, your matrix will contain more than one page. By default, SEER*Stat will print the "pages" of the matrix in immediate succession to conserve paper. If you want a real page break between matrix pages, check this option.


  • Turn On All Warning Messages - Some SEER*Stat warning messages allow you to specify that you don't want them to be displayed again. If you have done so, you can click this button to reset SEER*Stat to display all warning messages.


  • Save Across All Profiles - This command saves all of the options set on this Preferences tab to all of the other existing profiles.