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HCPCS (Ascending) Generic Name Brand Name Strength SEER*Rx Category Major Drug Class Minor Drug Class Oral (Y/N) FDA Approval Year FDA Discontinuation Year CMS Effective Date CMS Discontinuation Date Status
C9216 Abarelix Plenaxis 10 mg Hormonal Therapy Androgen Receptor Inhibitor LHRH antagonist No 2003 2005 Jan. 1, 2005 No Longer Used
C9235 Panitumumab Vectibix 10mg Immunotherapy Monoclonal Antibody EGFR No 2006 Jan. 1, 2007 Dec. 31, 2007 No Longer Used
C9237 Lanreotide Acetate Somatuline Depot 1 mg Hormonal Therapy Somatostatin Analog No 2007 Jan. 1, 2008 In Use
C9239 Temsirolimus Torisel 1 mg Chemotherapy Enzyme Inhibitor mTOR No 2007 Jan. 1, 2008 Dec. 31, 2008 No Longer Used
C9240 ixabepilone Ixempra 1mg Chemotherapy Antitumor Antibiotic Epothilones No 2007 Jan. 1, 2008 Dec. 31, 2013 No Longer Used
C9243 Bendamustine Treanda 1 mg Chemotherapy Alkylating Agent Nitrogen Mustard No 2008 Oct. 1, 2008 Dec. 31, 2008 No Longer Used
C9252 Plerixafor Mozobil 1 mg Ancillary Therapy Immunostimulant Stem Cell Mobilizer No 2008 July 1, 2009 Dec. 31, 2009 No Longer Used
C9253 Temozolomide Temodar 1 mg Chemotherapy Alkylating Agent Tetrazine No 1999 Jan. 1, 2010 In Use
C9257 Bevacizumab Avastin 0.25 mg Immunotherapy Monoclonal Antibody VEGFR No 2004 Jan. 1, 2010 In Use
C9259 Pralatrexate Folotyn 1 mg Chemotherapy Antimetabolite Folic Acid Analog No 2009 April 1, 2010 Dec. 31, 2010 No Longer Used

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The use of NA indicates that the HCPCS code was Not Available. NA may mean that a) the HCPCS code has not yet been created (new drug), b) the drug is given as an oral drug or alternative route (only in specific instances are HCPCS assigned to these medications), or c) the HCPCS could not be found or is truly not available.