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NDC-11 (Package) NDC-9 (Product) Generic Name Brand Name Strength SEER*Rx Category Major Class Minor Class Administration Route Package Effective Date Package Discontinuation Date Status (Ascending)
67386-0811-55 67386-0811 Dactinomycin Cosmegen Chemotherapy Antitumor Antibiotic Carboxylic Acids and Amino Acids/Peptides Intravenous Dec. 10, 1964 April 23, 2013 No Longer Used
67386-0911-51 67386-0911 Mechlorethamine hydrochloride Mustargen Chemotherapy Alkylating Agent Nitrogen Mustard Intracavitary, Intravenous March 15, 1949 April 15, 2013 No Longer Used

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