The CanStat Animator is a tool that allows users to animate cancer trends over time by cancer site and cause of death, race and sex.

In the CanStat Animator, you can:

  • Select the type of statistic and the variables to be shown in the graph;
  • Select the format of the graph by choosing from various graph options; and
  • Extract the statistics in a delimited format for further analyses using other software.

The CanStat Animator provides access to the following statistics:

  • SEER Incidence for 1975-2016 for the SEER 9 registries
  • US Mortality for 1975-2016 for the entire United States
  • Relative Survival for 1975-2015 for the SEER 9 registries

If the statistics that you are interested in are not available in this tool, SEER provides cancer statistics in a variety of formats. See the Statistical Summaries, Interactive Tools and Publications for more options.