Key Points

  • The Annual Report to the Nation provides long-term trends in cancer incidence rates (new cases) and mortality rates (deaths) for all races combined.
    • Researchers found continued declines in cancer mortality rates for men, women, and children.
    • Overall cancer incidence rates continued to decrease among men and remained stable among women.
  • This year's Special Section focused on cancer trends among adults ages 20 to 49.
    • For all age groups combined, incidence and death rates were higher among men than women, but among adults 20-49 years, incidence and death rates were lower among men than women.
    • The most common cancers in this age group were:
      • Breast, thyroid and melanoma of the skin for women, with breast cancer far exceeding any of the other cancers; and
      • Colorectal, testicular and melanoma of the skin for men.

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