This neoplasm is not reportable.
Not Reportable
This neoplasm is not reportable
Disorder in which abnormal proteins build up in tissue and organs. Clumps of the abnormal proteins are called amyloid deposits and may be treated with chemotherapy.
Abstractor Notes
Amyloidosis is associated with Plasma Cell Neoplasms.

Primary amyloidosis can result in several organ dysfunction especially in the kidney, heart, or peripheral nerves.

Clinical symptoms of primary amyloidosis are: diarrhea, edema, enlarged tongue, fatigue, lower-extremity paraesthesias, purpura.
Corresponding ICD-9 Codes
277.30 Amyloidosis, unspecified
Corresponding ICD-10 Codes
E85.9 Amyloidosis, unspecified
Corresponding ICD-10-CM Codes (U.S. only)
E85.9 Amyloidosis, unspecified (effective October 01, 2015)