This neoplasm is not reportable.


Osterosclerotic myeloma

Not Reportable

This neoplasm is not reportable

Alternate Names

Polyneuropathy, organomegaly, endocrinopathy, monoclonal gammopathy and skin
Crow-Fukase syndrome


POEMS syndrome is associated with meloproliferative disorders, but none of those myeloproliferative disorders are reportable. POEMS can be associated with multiple myeloma which is an osteosclerotic rather than osteolytic bone lesions as found in most multiple myeloma. POEMS can also be associated with non-reportable myeloproliferative diseases such as Castleman disease or MGUS.

POEMS syndrome itself is non-reportable. Additional information is needed to determine whether a reportable disease such as multiple myeloma is also present. If that is the case, the disease would be reported as multiple myeloma.

Osteosclerotic myeloma is often a component of POEMS. The relationship of this disease to typical plasma cell myeloma is unknown.

Signs and Symptoms

Bone pain
Chronic progressive polyneuropathy
Radiographic bone abnormalities
Skin changes
Weight loss

Epidemiology and Mortality

Most common causes of death are cardiorespiratory failure and infection