Name Category Primary Site Code?
Betamethasone Valerate Hormones and hormonal mechanisms See Remarks
Bethasone Benzoate Hormones and hormonal mechanisms adult leukemia and lymphoma, Childhood leukemia Yes
Bevacizumab Biologic therapy (BRM, immunotherapy) Breast- see remarks, Fallopian tube, Ovary, Peritoneum, colorectal, kidney, lung, multiple myeloma, Brain Yes
Bexarotene Chemotherapy Breast, colorectal, Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, head & neck, kidney, lung Yes
Bicalutamide Hormones and hormonal mechanisms Prostate cancer Yes
Binimetinib Chemotherapy Yes
Bisantrene Hydrochloride Chemotherapy Leukemia Yes
Blenrep Biologic therapy (BRM, immunotherapy) Yes
Bleomycin Chemotherapy Squamous cell cancers Yes
Blinatumomab Biologic therapy (BRM, immunotherapy) Yes
Borocaptate Sodium B 10 Ancillary Agent No
Bortezomib Chemotherapy Breast, Mantle cell lymphoma, colorectal, leukemia, lung cancer, multiple myeloma Yes
Bosutinib Chemotherapy CML Yes
Brentuximab vedotin Biologic therapy (BRM, immunotherapy) Anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL), Hodgkin Lymphoma Yes
Brequinar Sodium Ancillary Agent No
Breyanzi Biologic therapy (BRM, immunotherapy) Yes
Brigatinib Chemotherapy Lung Yes
Bromodeoxyuridine Ancillary Agent No
Bropirimine Biologic therapy (BRM, immunotherapy) Bladder Yes
Broxuridine Ancillary Agent No
Bruceantin Chemotherapy Yes
Bryostatin Chemotherapy Breast, cervical, esophageal, gastric, head & neck, kidney, leukemia, metastatic solid tumors, ovarian, prostate cancer Yes
Bryostatin 1 Chemotherapy Yes
Buserelin Acetate Hormones and hormonal mechanisms Prostate cancer Yes
Busulfan Chemotherapy CML Yes