The following software tools have been developed for the analysis and reporting of cancer statistics.

  • SEER*Stat, statistical software for the analysis of SEER and other cancer databases, is used to generate incidence, mortality, prevalence, and survival statistics.
  • Health Disparities Calculator (HD*Calc) is designed to generate multiple summary measures to evaluate and monitor health disparities.
  • ComPrev software is used to calculate complete prevalence estimates.
  • DevCan analyzes the probability of developing cancer from the standard SEER areas, and the probability of dying from cancer from the total United States.
  • Joinpoint Regression Program is used to better describe trends that are not constant over time.

The cancer statistics provided on the SEER Web site, including those available in the Cancer Stat Facts, Cancer Statistics Review, and SEER*Explorer, are generated by a variety of these statistical software. More tools developed for the analysis and reporting of cancer statistics are available on the Analytic Software page.