The following links provide more documentation for the warnings that appear in SEER*Stat when you select a particular database from the November 2020 data submission.

Behavior Warning

The default behavior selection in SEER*Stat for all November 2020 SEER databases is “Behavior code ICD-O-3 = Malignant", for prior submissions it is “Behavior recode for analysis = Malignant". Visit the SEER Data Change History for more information.

Incidence-Based Mortality Warning

Please be sure you have a full understanding of incidence-based mortality before interpreting results from these databases. Visit the Incidence-Based Mortality website for more information.

Delay-Adjusted Incidence Warning

It is important that you have a full understanding of delay adjustment before using the delay databases. Visit the Cancer Incidence Rates Adjusted for Reporting Delay website for more information.

Extra caution is required when:

Race and Ethnicity Warning

It is important that you understand the intricacies of the race and ethnicity variables used to link the cases and populations of the SEER databases. See Race Recode Changes for more information.