Starting with the 1973-2011 SEER Research Data (November 2013 submission), additional Collaborative Stage Site-Specific Factor (CS SSF) fields are available in the standard research data for analysis in the rate, frequency and case listing sessions. Previously, they were only available through a custom database.

The additional fields include:

The following spreadsheets provide the list of all the CS SSF fields available in the SEER Research Data:

New CS SSF Fields (2010+)

Schema Description
SSF7 - Nottingham or Bloom-Richardson (BR) Score/Grade
SSF15 - HER2: Summary Result of Testing
Derived HER2 Recode (2010+)
Breast Subtype (2010+)
SSF7 - Gleason's Primary Pattern and Secondary Pattern Values on Needle Core Biopsy/Transurethral Resection of Prostate (TURP)
SSF9 - Gleason's Primary Pattern and Secondary Pattern Values on Prostatectomy/Autopsy
SSF12 - Number of Cores Positive
SSF13 - Number of Cores Examined
Colon & Rectum
SSF4 - Tumor Deposits (includes Appendix)
SSF6 - Circumferential Resection Margin (CRM)
SSF8 - Perineural Invasion
Melanoma of the skin SSF7 - Primary Tumor Mitotic Count/Rate
Lung SSF2 - Pleural/Elastic Layer Invasion (PL) by H and E or Elastic Stain
Kidney-Renal pelvis SSF1 - WHO/ISUP Grade
SSF1 - Invasion beyond capsule
SSF4 - Sarcomatoid features
SSF6 - Fuhrman nuclear grade
SSF3 - Extranodal Extension of Regional Lymph Nodes
Ovary SSF3 - Residual Tumor Status and Size After Primary Cytoreduction
Uterine Corpus (Adenosarcoma, Carcinoma, Sarcoma)
SSF3 - Number of Positive Pelvic Nodes
SSF4 - Number of Examined Pelvic Nodes
SSF5 - Number of Positive Para-Aortic Nodes
SSF6 - Number of Examined Para-Aortic Nodes