PSA Values and SEER Data
Updated April 15, 2016

SEER Data, 1973-2013 (November 2015 Submission)

A routine quality assurance study by registrars that abstracted standardized cases identified concerns regarding the quality of the PSA value in all surveillance data, including SEER. To further evaluate the quality and accuracy of the SEER PSA data, the SEER Program performed and completed a PSA value audit of all invasive prostate cancer cases diagnosed in 2012 within SEER central registries, excluding cases reported from death certificate, autopsy, or nursing home/hospice only. Error rates were significantly lower than predicted. A manuscript is being finalized that summarizes the results of the audit. Cases from 2010-2013 have now been reviewed and PSA errors have been corrected for this data release in April 2016. It is important to note that PSA has been a component of staging for prostate cancer since 2010, hence the focus on more recent cases first.

Prostate cases from 2004 through 2009 are currently being reviewed and the corrected data will be added upon completion of this review and correction process. Additionally, automated quality control checks have been implemented in SEER central registries for the PSA value to flag inconsistencies between the coded value and text documentation, which will be adjudicated by registrar review.

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