Radiation/Chemotherapy Databases
Updated April 21, 2017

SEER collects information on radiation therapy and chemotherapy given as part of the first-course treatment and makes them available for analysis through custom databases on request.  The radiation treatment variables were removed from the public research database starting with the November 2016 data submission, and chemotherapy has never been released in the research data. These variables are now available through a custom data request process after signing an additional data use agreement that describes the completeness of these treatment variables and the potential biases associated with their use.

To request access to custom treatment data:

  1. Complete the Data Use Agreement for SEER Radiation Therapy and Chemotherapy Information (PDF - 108 KB)
  2. Send to the SEER Program using the fax number or email address on the form.

If you have questions, please contact seercustomdata@imsweb.com.

After access is granted, you will be able to access the databases within SEER*Stat's Client-Server mode. You will also be able to download the ASCII text version of the data. These data are not available via DVD or SEER*Stat local mode.

Download this file if you would like to use your own programs to analyze the data in text format. You do not need to download these files if you are using SEER*Stat. SEER does not provide programming support for the analysis of these data. To use this configuration, download the file in the preferred format and uncompress it. File descriptions and documentation are included. Storing the downloaded file and its uncompressed contents will consume approximately 4 gigabytes of disk capacity.