This brief guide provides information about how to use this website's most commonly used features.

Inquiry Search Page

How to Search

Search for Inquiries using the filter controls found at the top of the page. Filter controls allow for both keyword searches and searches based on individual data fields, such as inquiry categories. To perform a keyword search or search on the ID of an inquiry, type your search terms in the "Keyword or Question ID" control and click the "Search" button.

Access additional search filter controls by clicking the "Show Advanced Options" link. After selecting search criteria using the filter controls visible in the "Advanced Options" area, the search results will immediately update without requiring a click of the "Search" button. Filter controls for categorical variables use a drop-down control interface. Each listed option in the drop-down control will indicate the count of matching inquiries in the database in parentheses. These counts take into account any other search criteria that have already been selected and predict the total number of records that would appear in the search results table after the selection of the option.

The inquiry search page is here: link

Search Results Options

The search results output style and set of search results data fields may be altered from the "Display Options" dialog. Click the "Display Options" link that appears just below the Search Results heading to open the dialog. Select either a tabular format (the default one) or list-style format. To modify the set of fields shown in search results, individually click the checkboxes next to the listed fields. Click "Update" to apply the changes to the search results.

Exporting Search Results

Search results may be exported to a comma-delimited text file clicking the "Export Results to CSV" button.

Inquiry Details Pages

To see more information about an individual inquiry, click an Inquiry ID link in the search results. An inquiry detail page will open that shows the inquiry on its own page for convenient sharing with colleagues, by copying and pasting the URL, or printing the inquiry.


Adding/Removing Inquiries from the Report

This website provides an "Add to Report" feature that serves as a way to temporarily store inquiries during a web browsing session. The best way to think of the "Add to Report" feature is that it works like a typical website shopping cart feature, but for inquiries instead of products. This feature is meant to help users accumulate a set of inquiries for later review on a separate reporting page. Whenever a user browses to the website, a report is automatically created for the user's browsing session. There is only one report created per user. Add or remove inquiries from the report using the "Add to Report" and "Remove from Report" toggle control that appears next to the Inquiry ID. Clicking the toggle control will immediately add or remove the inquiry from your report. The current count of inquiries in your report is visible in parentheses in the View Report button on the Inquiry Search page. After clicking the "Add to Report" and "Remove from Report" buttons, the count will immediately update.

Using the Inquiry Report

When you wish to view the contents of your report, click the "Create Report" button on the main search page. From the "Create Report" page, you may review, export, or print the set of inquiries that you added to your report. Click the "Clear All" link if you wish to remove all inquiries from your report and start over.

Authentication and Personalized Features

To access features associated with a user account, click the "login" link in the upper righthand part of any page. After logging in, the website displays each page in a tabbed interface with two tabs. The tab that is selected by default shows the main content of the page. In addition to the default tab, a "Dashboard" tab is also present on each page. Clicking the "Dashboard" tab presents the user with a list of clickable tiles. These tiles link to other pages on the site, and are personalized based on the user and the user's system permissions. If you work for a registry and wish to have an account created, please send an email to Peggy Adamo or Carmela Groves.


For additional help with using this website or to report a problem with the website, send an email to For questions regarding cancer coding or to request a user account, send an email to Peggy Adamo or Carmela Groves.