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EOD 2018/Summary Stage 2018--CLL/SLL:  Can chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) be staged when diagnosed by peripheral blood and no bone marrow biopsy, and observation is employed? See Discussion.

Final Aug 22 2019

Multiple Primaries--Heme & Lymphoid Neoplasms:  Patient is diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) with an early/evolving acute myeloid leukemia (AML) thought to be treatment related. Does rule M11 apply since there are two biopsies within 21 days, and therefore, two primaries, or one primary (9920/3)? See Discussion.

Final Aug 22 2019

Solid Tumor Rules (2018)/Histology--Sarcoma: How is histology coded for a CIC gene rearrangement sarcoma? See Discussion.

Final Aug 09 2019

Solid Tumor Rules (2018)/Histology--Brain: How is histology coded for a left frontal lobe mass when the final diagnosis is malignant neuroglial tumor and the diagnosis comment describes multiple possible histologies? See Discussion.

Final Aug 08 2019

Solid Tumor Rules (2018)/Multiple primaries--Breast: How many primaries should be reported for a diagnosis of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) on core biopsy of the right breast in 2016 with all treatment refused, followed by a 2019 large right breast mass ulcerating the skin and clinical diagnosis of invasive breast cancer (patient again refused all treatment)? See Discussion.


Final Aug 01 2019

Solid Tumor Rules (2018)/Multiple primaries--Breast:  In the Solid Tumor Rules updated in July 2019, the term simultaneous was removed from breast rule M10. This allows one to match an in situ tumor followed by an invasive tumor when they are more than 60 days apart. Was this intended, or should the rule be revised to indicate that this rule does not apply when there is an in situ followed by an invasive tumor?  See Discussion.

Final Aug 01 2019

Solid Tumor Rules/Histology--Lung:  What is the histology code and what H Rule applies for a diagnosis of well differentiated adenocarcinoma in situ (bronchioloalveolar carcinoma)?  See Discussion.

Final Jul 29 2019

Solid Tumor Rules (2018)/Histology--Cervix Uteri: What is the histology code and what H Rule applies for a diagnosis of papillary squamotransitional cell carcinoma of the cervix? See Discussion.

Final Jul 29 2019

Reportability/Histology--Penis: Are high grade penile intraepithelial lesion and high grade penile intraepithelial neoplasia (PeIN) equivalent to PeIN3 and thus reportable?  See Discussion.

Final Jul 29 2019

Behavior--Breast: What is the behavior of a solid papillary carcinoma when a pathologist does not indicate it in the pathology report and follow-up with the pathologist to obtain clarification regarding the behavior is not possible?  See Discussion.

Final Jul 15 2019
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