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Reportability--Kidney:  Is congenital cellular mesoblastic nephroma reportable for a newborn baby? See discussion.

Final Jul 26 2018

Date of Diagnosis/Tumor Markers--Colon:  If a patient has a positive Cologuard test, is the date of diagnosis the date of the cologuard test or the date of the biopsy?

Final Jul 20 2018

Reportability/In Situ--Eye:  Is bowenoid actinic keratosis/evolving squamous cell carcinoma in situ in the left eye/lateral conjunctiva reportable for 2017?  See Discussion.

Final Jul 17 2018

Solid Tumor Rules (2018)/Multiple Primaries--Lung: How many primaries should be abstracted in this 2018 lung case?  See Discussion.

Final Jun 28 2018

Reportability--Vulva: Is a biopsy showing high grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (VIN II) in the vulva reportable for cases diagnosed in 2018? See Discussion.


Final Jun 26 2018

Reportability--Corpus uteri: Is smooth muscle tumor with uncertain malignant potential (STUMP) reportable? See Discussion.

Final Jun 22 2018

Reportability--Appendix:  Is low grade appendiceal mucinous neoplasm (LAMN) reportable for 2018? It is staged as pTis(LAMN) AJCC 8th ed by pathologist.

Final Jun 22 2018

First Course of Treatment/Other Therapy:  Where do you code Optune TTF therapy? What needs to be included in the text portion to document this treatment?

Final Jun 22 2018

First Course of Treatment/Surgery of Primary Site--Melanoma:  How do you code UVB therapy treatment for melanoma?

Final Jun 21 2018

Reportability--Skin: Is early/evolving lentigo maligna reportable?

Final Sep 13 2018
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