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Welcome to the SEER Inquiry System (SINQ). SINQ is a collection of questions that cancer registrars have had while coding cancer cases. Click Search to look for specific questions or to select questions for a Report.

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Grade:  If the biopsy site is a higher grade, is the grade of the biopsy used over the grade of the surgical resection?  See Discussion.

Final Sep 05 2017

Reportability/Histology--Skin:  Is 'skin, left temporal scalp, low grade adnexal carcinoma, probable sweat gland origin' reportable as 8400/3, skin of temple?

Final Sep 05 2017

First Course of Treatment/Surgery of Primary Site--Corpus uteri:  Do you code total hysterectomy or radical hysterectomy when a specimen indicates the uterus, cervix, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and right and left parametrium were resected, but shows no portion of the vagina.  See Discussion.

Final Sep 01 2017

MP/H Rules/Multiple primaries--Brain and CNS: How many primaries should be abstracted for a patient with a 2011 diagnosis of oligodendroglioma followed by biopsy of tumor which demonstrated progression in 2016 with pathology report Final Diagnosis indicating WHO grade III anaplastic astrocytoma?  See Discussion.


Final Aug 31 2017

MP/H Rules/Histology--Bladder:  Is urothelial carcinoma, high-grade, predominantly solid type, coded as 8120/3 or 8230/3? See Discussion.

Final Aug 18 2017

Reportability--Liver:  Is intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm (IPMN) of the liver a reportable diagnosis? See Discussion.

Final Aug 17 2017

First course of treatment/Other therapy--How do you code medical marijuana when given as "treatment?"  See Discussion.

Final Aug 02 2017

MP/H Rules/Histology--Pancreas:  What is the histology code of invasive adenocarcinoma, non-mucinous with intraductal tubulopapillary features, moderately differentiated, from the pathology report final diagnosis of the pancreas?  Does 'intraductal" refer to a non-invasive/in-situ component or describe the pattern of growth?

Final Jul 20 2017

MP/H Rules/Multiple primaries--Bladder: Is recurrence of bladder cancer the same primary if the patient has had multiple recurrences each within 3 years of recurrences but 3 years has passed since initial diagnosis date?

Final Jul 20 2017

MP/H Rules, Multiple Primaries--Heme and Lymphoid Neoplasms:  Does Rule M3 at (single primary) or Rule M13 (multiple primaries) apply in a case with chronic myelomonocytic leukemia seen in the blood and biopsy and granulocytic sarcomas identified in skin biopsies?  See Discussion.

Final Jul 18 2017
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