The SEER Inquiry System (SINQ) is a searchable collection of questions that cancer registrars have had while coding cancer cases. These are questions submitted by designated registrars in SEER registries. The questions are answered by expert staff and go through a rigorous review process by NCI SEER staff and designated SEER registry staff before being added to SINQ.

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20000259 Histology (Pre-2007): What code is used to represent the histology for a "malignant invasive gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST)"? Final Feb 25 2009
20000258 EOD-Extension--Lung: If a CT scan indicates that a patient has evidence of "long-standing pneumonia," is that considered synonymous with "pneumonitis" for the purposes of coding extension for lung primaries? Final Feb 21 2005
20000256 EOD-Size of Primary Tumor--Melanoma: How do you code tumor size for a melanoma diagnosed by a positive lymph node biopsy when the primary site is coded C44.9 because no primary site was identified? See discussion. Final Feb 25 2009
20000249 EOD-Lymph Nodes--Melanoma: Should we assume that positive lymph nodes are to be considered regional if the primary site for a melanoma is not identified (i.e., C44.9)? Final Feb 21 2005
20000248 Date of Diagnosis: When doing follow-back at nursing homes on DCO cases, we find it difficult to code diagnosis date because the nursing home records are often vague or incomplete. Should the diagnosis date be coded as unknown (excluded from SEER database), the date of death, or the approximate date of diagnosis as reported on the death certificate? Final Feb 25 2009
20000247 EOD-Pathologic Extension--Prostate: If there is residual tumor in the distal urethra on prostatectomy, does that mean there is distal urethral margin involvement? See discussion. Final Feb 25 2009
20000245 Reportability/In situ: Are the terms "high grade dysplasia" and "severe dysplasia" synonymous with in situ? See discussion. Final Feb 20 2005
20000244 Behavior Code--Bladder/Lymphoma: Should the "in situ" designation on a bladder primary's pathology report be ignored that states a diagnosis of "in situ lymphoma"? Final Mar 05 2008
20000243 Surgery of Primary Site--Lung: What code is used to represent "photodynamic therapy" (PDT) for lung primaries? See Discussion. Final Feb 19 2005
20000242 EOD-Size of Primary Tumor--Prostate: Should the size of tumor be recorded as 001 (focus) or the actual size when both are stated? See Discussion. Final Sep 02 2008
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