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Solid Tumor Rules (2018)/Multiple primaries--Lung:  How many primaries are there and what M rules apply for multiple lung histologies in the left lower lobe (LLL) and right upper lobe (RUL) of the lungs?  See Discussion.

Final Dec 06 2019

Solid Tumor Rules (2018)/Multiple primaries--Colon: Is a colorectal anastomotic site recurrence reportable, that is, a second primary, per Rule M7, third bullet, if there is no mention of mucosa but the tumor is seen on colonoscopy? See Discussion.

Final Dec 04 2019

Reportability/Histology--Thymus: Is a thymoma a malignancy if described as having separate tumor nodules within peri-thymic adipose tissue? See Discussion.

Final Dec 04 2019

Reportability/Heme & Lymphoid Neoplasms--Skin:  Is elephantiasis nostras verrucosa (ENV) reportable as a lymphoma?  See Discussion.

Final Dec 03 2019

First course Treatment/Lymph Nodes:  When a Sentinel Lymph Node (SLN) biopsy ONLY is performed and SLNs are negative, are the SLNs included still counted in Regional Nodes (RNs) Examined and RNs Positive, or are the fields filled in: RLN Examined: 00 (No nodes examined) RLN Positive: 98 (No nodes examined) Date RLN Dissection: 00/00/0000 (No RLN dissection performed) or are the SLN included in the RLN Examined/Positive field but the Date RLN Dissection is 00/00/0000?  See Discussion.

Final Nov 11 2019

Update to current manual/Extent of Disease/Summary Stage 2018--Fallopian Tube: How are behavior, EOD Primary Tumor, and Summary Stage 2018 coded for a diagnosis of serous tubal intraepithelial carcinoma (STIC) of the fallopian tube? See Discussion.

Final Nov 04 2019

Solid Tumor Rules (2018)/Histology--Lung:  Rule H3 of the Solid Tumor Rules was added to capture non-small cell carcinoma modified by ambiguous terminology when the physician confirms the ambiguous term as the histologic diagnosis, also included in Coding Histology instruction 3.B.  If differentiation and features are not included in the histology term, does instruction 2 takes precedence? See Discussion.

Final Oct 31 2019

Surgery of Primary Site/Surgical Procedure of Other Site--Breast:  When bilateral nipple/skin sparing mastectomies are performed for a single primary confined to one breast, we should code 30 for surgery and 0 for Surgery of Other Site or follow the CAnswer Forum and code 1 in Surgery of Other Site?  See Discussion.

Final Oct 29 2019

EOD 2018/Primary tumor--Melanoma:  The code and level translations in the Note 4 of Extent of Disease (EOD) Primary Tumor for Melanoma Skin seem incorrect. Please advise.

• Code 000: In situ

• Code 100: Level I (should be level II) (< 0.75 mm Breslow’s Depth)

• Code 200: Level II (should be level III) (0.76 mm to 1.50 mm Breslow’s Depth)

• Code 300: Level III (should be level IV) (> 1.50 mm Breslow’s Depth)

Final Oct 28 2019

Primary site/Histology: Are the 2018 ICD-O Histology Update topography codes intended to specify the most common sites for these new codes and can the histology be coded if they occur in other sites? See Discussion.


Final Oct 21 2019
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