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Welcome to the SEER Inquiry System (SINQ). SINQ is a collection of questions that cancer registrars have had while coding cancer cases. Click Search to look for specific questions or to select questions for a Report.

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Grade--Kidney: Should WHO/ISUP grade for renal cell carcinoma be coded for cases diagnosed 2016 and later? See discussion.


Final Sep 14 2016

Reportability/Behavior--Small intestine: Is a carcinoid tumor, described as benign, reportable? See Discussion.

Final Sep 12 2016

Mets at diagnosis fields--Heme & Lymphoid Neoplasms (Lymphoma): How are Mets at Diagnosis -- Bone, Brain, Liver, Lung, Lymph Node, and Other -- to be coded for lymphomas in 2016? Are they always 0 if the TNM Stage is I, II, or III? How is bone marrow involvement coded -- in which Mets at Diagnosis field?

Final Aug 19 2016

First course treatment--Heme & Lymphoid Neoplasms: Are blood thinners, e.g., warfarin, coded as treatment in the Other Therapy data item for polycythemia vera and myelodysplastic syndrome? See Discussion.

Final Jul 05 2016

MP/H Rules/Histology--Prostate: What is the histology code for a prostate case whose histology reads “adenoca with mixed ductal and acinar variants?

Final Jun 23 2016

MP/H Rules/Histology--Testis: How should histology be coded for a testicular primary with a combination of teratoma, yolk sac tumor and embryonal carcinoma? See discussion.


Final Jun 14 2016

Reportability--Bone: Is an "atypical cartilaginous tumor" reportable? See Discussion.

Final Jun 13 2016

MP/H Rules/Multiple primaries--Melanoma: How many melanoma primaries should be abstracted if, during the workup for a metastatic melanoma of an unknown cutaneous site, an in situ melanoma is also discovered? See Discussion.

Final Jun 10 2016

MP/H Rules/Histology: How is the histology coded for an invasive adenocarcinoma arising in a papilloma with high-grade dysplasia? See Discussion.

Final Jun 08 2016

Summary Stage 2000--Lymphoma: How is SEER SS2000 coded for an ocular adnexal lymphoma when it extends from the primary site to adjacent sites that are still orbital structures? See Discussion.

Final Jun 03 2016
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