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Source 1:   2012 SEER Manual
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Reportability--Ovary: Are mature teratomas of the ovary reportable? See Discussion.

Per a NAACCR Webinar from February 2011 (Testis), “All adult (post-puberty) pure mature teratoma tumors are malignant and should be coded 9080/3.’ Does this apply to ovarian cases? The medical record entries all seem to consider this a benign process.

Should this NAACCR Webinar info be applied specifically to testicular cases? Would this be a reportable case if the primary site were testis?

The patient also has a history of medullary carcinoma of the thyroid. SINQ 20100052 indicates a thyroid primary may present in an ovarian teratoma. Would this be reportable, or must there be mention of the histology other than, or in addition to, the mature teratoma?

Mature teratomas in the ovary are benign [9080/0].

For testis, mature teratoma in an adult is malignant (9080/3); however, mature teratoma in a child is benign (9080/0).

With regard to the thyroid issue, from the information above, the medullary carcinoma in the patient's thyroid is clearly a separate event. According to our expert pathologist consultant, "thyroid tissue is one of the many tissue types that may be seen in teratomas. When the teratoma has exclusively or predominantly thyroid tissue the term struma ovarii is used Adenoma or carcinoma of the thyroid type may be seen in this thyroid tissue. If medullary carcinoma were present in the thyroid tissue in the ovary/teratoma, there would be mention of it in the path report."


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