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Primary site--Heme & Lymphoid Neoplasms: How do you code the primary site for a marginal zone lymphoma involving bilateral axillary lymph nodes and inguinal lymph nodes, bone marrow and bilateral orbits that the physician refers to as a bilateral orbital lymphoma, Stage IV? See Discussion.

None of the rules seem to apply when the lymphoma is present in an organ, distant lymph nodes and bone marrow only. No regional nodes are involved.

Does rule PH22 infer that the organ should be coded as the primary site because it has been named by the physician?

For cases diagnosed 2010 and forward, access the Hematopoietic Database at

Per Rule PH24, code primary site to orbit. According to Rule PH24, one is to code the primary site to the organ when lymphoma is present only in an organ. Note 2 under this rule also instructs one to capture the secondary involvement of distant lymph nodes and/or bone marrow in CS extension fields.

If the physician had not confirmed the primary site as orbit, you would have used Rule PH22 when the primary site is not indicated.

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