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#1:   Summary Stage 2018
#2:   EOD 2018


Source 1:   2018 Summary Stage Manual
Notes:   Lymphoma Orbital Adenexa
Source 2:   2018 Extent of Disease
Notes:   Lymphoma Orbital Adenexa


Summary Stage 2018/EOD 2018--Lymphoma Orbital Adnexa:  What is the correct Summary Stage 2018 (SS2018) for the site/histology Orbit, NOS (C696), 9699/3?  In SEER*RSA, Extent of Disease (EOD) Primary Tumor references code 7 (Distant), whereas SS2018 assigns code 2 (Regional)?  See Discussion.


We received an edit error in SEER*DMS on the following site/histology (Orbit, NOS (C696)/9699/3) that involved an incorrect staging code being assigned to SS2018. The staging language is identical in AJCC, EOD and SS2018. SEER*RSA notes that SS2018 should be coded distant, but in the SS2018 manual, this language is noted Regional. Staging language is: Orbital adnexal lymphoma AND extraorbital lymphoma extending beyond the orbit to adjacent structures--Bone, Brain, Maxillofacial sinuses


To clear this edit of the derived Summary Stage (based on EOD) and the manually assigned Summary Stage (based on Summary Stage 2018), assign the manually assigned Summary Stage to 7.

For this particular case, EOD Primary Tumor 700 (which is correct based on the information received) derives Distant; however, for Summary Stage 2018, this description is under Code 2 for Regional by direct extension. This is an error. For 2022, Summary Stage for Lymphoma Ocular Adnexa description under Code 2 (Regional by direct extension) will be moved to Distant. No changes will be done to EOD.



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