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#1:   Histology
#2:   Heme & Lymphoid Neoplasms


Source 1:   Heme & Lymphoid Manual and Database
Notes:   September 2020; Effective with Cases Diagnosed 1/1/2010 and Forward
Source 2:   2021 ICD-O-3.2 Update


Histology--Heme & Lymphoid Neoplasms: Is there an inconsistency between the histologies listed as deleted in the ICD-O-3.2 Implementation Guidelines and the obsolete histologies in the Hematopoietic and Lymphoid Neoplasms Database (Heme DB)? See Discussion.


While we recognize the Heme DB has been the correct source for histology coding for heme and lymphoid neoplasms dating back to 2010, the ICD-O-3.2 Implementation Guidelines appear to provide incorrect coding instructions. Histologies 9670/3, 9728/3, 9729/3 and 9836/3 are listed in Table 3 - Deleted ICD-O codes in ICD-O-3.2.

While we recognize these histologies have been included in this Table because they have now been deleted, it is unclear whether the Comments regarding their use listed in the 4th column of the Table is correct. For each of these histologies, the comment states the histology listed in the 1st column (ICD-O-3/3.1) should be used prior to 2021. For example, for histology 9670/3, the comment states: Cases diagnosed prior to 1/1/2021 use code 9670/3. Cases diagnosed 1/1/2021 forward use code 9823/3. However, each of these histology codes have been obsolete for cases diagnosed 1/1/2010 and later. If registrars were following the Heme DB and Heme Manual instructions (the appropriate coding source for these neoplasms), these histologies would not have been used in a decade.

Should the Comments column in Table 3 be updated? Or should a Note follow the Table indicating registrars should not use these histology codes for cases diagnosed after 1/1/2010, and these histology codes have been deleted for cases diagnosed 1/1/2021? It seems misleading to indicate any of these are valid histology codes for a 2010-2020 diagnosis when the Heme DB confirms these histology codes only apply to cases diagnosed prior to 2010.


Follow the Heme DB to determine which codes are obsolete as of 2010. These histologies were made obsolete based on the 2010 WHO Hematopoietic book and confirmation with physicians. The official changes from ICD-O-3 were not implemented until ICD-O-3.2 Also, edits will not allow these histologies to be used for cases diagnosed 2010 and later.

The ICD-O tables were based on documentation from IARC ICD-O committee and may differ from practices in North America.


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