Version 3.45

  • Updated algorithms library, added new review mode parameter for IARC MP algorithm.
  • Updated data generator library, added rule to generate telephone.
  • Updated embedded JRE to Java 21.0.2.

Version 3.44

  • Updated embedded JRE to Java 21.
  • Fixed an issue with merge option that would put back together patients with blank patient ID numbers.
  • Improved NHIA option to make it clear it only applies to counties with less than 5% Hispanic ethnicity.
  • Replaced the schema ID/Name algorithms by ones that provide full derivations.
  • Added ability to register fields via the recode Groovy scripts.

Version 3.43

  • Fixed dictionaries created by the application using deprecated padding option.

Version 3.42

  • Fixed an issue with fields from added dictionaries not being recognized in the editor validation.

Version 3.41

  • Updated multiple algorithms.
  • Added support for NAACCR 24.
  • Updated embedded JRE to Java 17.0.8.
  • Added NAACCR 23 documentation.
  • Fixed selected fields in output options not always being retained.

Version 3.40

  • Updated embedded JRE to Java 17.0.5.
  • Fixed warning wrongly displayed when loading list of fields that contain duplicate entries.
  • Updated algorithms, fixed an issue with Cancer Reporting Zone computation.
  • Added ability to load a CSV dictionary so it can be converted to a full XML dictionary.
  • Retired trimming and some of the padding options in dictionary editor.

Version 3.39

  • Fixed recode script validation not recognizing fields added via extra NAACCR XML dictionaries.

Version 3.38

  • Updated algorithms, added new days-to-treatment SEER algorithm.

Version 3.37

  • Added support for NAACCR 23.
  • Fixed CSV file discovery not properly handling files that contains a BOM prefix.

Version 3.36

  • Updated embedded JRE to Java 17.0.4.
  • Fixed (again) date fields not showing up as available fields for fixed-column NAACCR formats.
  • Fixed Groovy recode editor not refreshed when switching extract format.
  • Tweaked staging algorithm ID/Name to only compute for appropriate years.
  • Fixed calculated fields not showing up as available fields in the Table and NAACCR XML Tree View output options.

Version 3.35

  • Fixed date fields not showing up as available fields for fixed-column NAACCR formats.
  • Improved handling of invalid CSV files.

Version 3.34

  • Updated log4j library to version 2.17.2, update other dependency libraries.
  • Updated embedded JRE to Java 17.0.3.
  • Fixed discovery of CSV files failing when they contained values with new lines.
  • Fixed error when reading NAACCR CSV file with a value too long for one of the fields.
  • Fixed selected algorithm variables not showing up in table view.
  • Fixed county at DX computed field not being properly provided to the other algorithms resulting in wrong calculated values.
  • Fixed analysis warning wrongly triggered for files that have a UTF-8 BOM.
  • Added new feature that allows fields to be registered on-the-fly.

Version 3.33

  • Fixed recode validation incorrectly reporting an error.
  • Updated algorithms, renamed a few of them.

Version 3.32

  • Fixed an issue with extracting NAACCR XML into a registered CSV layout.
  • Fixed process that adds calculated variables to CSV files.
  • Updated embedded JRE to Java 17.0.2.
  • Fixed error in filter script validation reporting an invalid 'tumor' property.
  • Fixed merge ungrouped Patients not always visible when input file is NAACCR XML.
  • Updated log4j library to version 2.17.1, updated other dependency libraries.

Version 3.31

  • Updated logging dependency - this software was NOT at risk for the CVE-2021-44228 log4j vulnerability, but the upgrade was done anyway.
  • Fixed selected algorithm fields not always being properly added to re-created CSV files.
  • Fixed merge tumors options being displayed when it shouldn't.
  • Added warning when opening a flat NAACCR file with ungrouped lines.
  • Added more identifier to NAACCR XML warnings popup.

Version 3.30

  • Keeping track of min/max in data overview is now optional with default set to no (since min/max values can contain confidential data).
  • Improved CSV format discovery by using the first few lines instead of relying on the file extension.
  • Fixed recode rules updating wrong tumors when some of them are filtered out.
  • Added feature to split a data file by a maximum number of records/tumors.
  • Added new preference for using input folder when re-creating a data file, set that as the default behavior.
  • Remove confirmation when switching basic and advanced empty editors.
  • Updated embedded JRE to Java 17.0.1.

Version 3.29

  • Improved support for CSV files containing new lines.
  • Values too long when writing fixed-column will now be blanked out.
  • Added a couple new How To pages.

Version 3.28

  • Added the word Flat to the NAACCR fixed-columns layout names to avoid any confusion with the XML ones.
  • Improved process that recognizes NAACCR CSV files.
  • Switched to NAACCR XML Specifications v1.5 which added support for date last modified in dictionaries.
  • Logic that adds a dictionary wasn't taking into account removed dictionaries.
  • Added new feature that computes basic fields statistics during the analysis.

Version 3.27

  • Added check to make sure default user-defined dictionaries are not registered.
  • Fixed error happening when reading a generic CSV file.

Version 3.26

  • Tweaked logic that loads dictionaries to allow missing default namespace.
  • Tweaked installer to add better support for admin installations".

Version 3.25

  • Changed installer to use the local machine group (HKLM) in the Windows Registry; if installing user doesn't have admin privileges, current user group (HKCU) will be used instead.
  • Updated NAACCR 22 documentation.
  • Now displaying a warning if multiple Patients are found within a NAACCR XML file with same patient ID numbers but different demographic information.

Version 3.24

  • Fixed generic CSV to NAACCR XML conversion not properly working.
  • Fixed NAACCR CSV to NAACCR XML conversion generating dates with trailing spaces.
  • Added option to quote all values when creating CSV file.
  • Added support for NAACCR 22.
  • Updated embedded JRE to Java 11.0.12.
  • Added ability to add computed variables to NAACCR CSV files.

Version 3.23

  • Fixed recoding scripts not applied to all tumors on NAACCR XML patients containing more than one tumor.
  • Fixed word auto-completion in advanced editors.
  • Added support for 2021 Multiple Primary rules.
  • Fixed algorithms not always applied in the correct order.
  • Now displaying written counts for both patients and tumors when doing an extract.
  • Now allowing created extracts to be opened with the Quick Preview feature.
  • Added ability to search in the Quick Preview dialog.

Version 3.22

  • Changed feature that groups XML Patients together to an output option, disabled by default.
  • Updated embedded JRE to Java 11.0.11.

Version 3.21

  • Fixed root-level validation not properly reported during the analysis of NAACCR XML files.
  • Added support for grouping patients from a NAACCR XML files that have the same Patient ID Number.
  • Added ability to view the standard NAACCR XML dictionaries and to extract them as CSV file.
  • Added support for running Groovy logic once before or after the processing of the data file.

Version 3.20

  • Fixed error when opening a file that uses a customized NAACCR flat format.
  • Fixed logic that assigns a default filename when exporting a dictionary as CSV file.
  • Added ability to compare two NAACCR XML dictionaries.
  • Upgraded ICCC algorithms to Third Edition/IARC 2017.
  • Fixed missing customized formats when re-creating the extract.
  • Reviewed and improved target format and field selection options in the extract page.

Version 3.19

  • Fixed error when opening CSV or fixed-column data files.

Version 3.18

  • Updated embedded JRE to Java 11.0.10.
  • Fixed application hanging when creating CSV from NAACCR XML.
  • Removed ability to re-create NAACCR data file using a different NAACCR version.
  • Added support for removing a NAACCR XML user dictionary from a given data file.

Version 3.17

  • Fixed calculated variables not showing up in table output.
  • Fixed validation of algorithms selection.
  • Updated NAACCR base dictionaries".
  • Added new preference to increase maximum amount of memory the application can use.
  • Added more information for NAACCR XML displayed in Dictionary Manager.

Version 3.16

  • Added processing time to extract summary page.
  • Fixed bad behavior when dealing with multiple dictionaries in a NAACCR XML data file.
  • Fixed unescaped characters in algorithm names causing the documentation page to crash.
  • Fixed selected fields option not working properly when re-creating CSV files.

Version 3.15

  • Added logic to automatically fixed dateOfLastCancerStatus and dateOfLastCancerStatusFlag being at the wrong data level.
  • Updated embedded JRE to Java 11.0.9.
  • Added NAACCR 21 fields help.
  • It is now possible to register a NAACCR XML layout.
  • Added new NAACCR XML Dictionary Manager to help with cached dictionaries.
  • Added new Layout Manager to help managing the external (non-standard) layouts.

Version 3.14

  • Updated NAACCR XML library to fix dateOfLastCancerStatus and dateOfLastCancerStatusFlag having the wrong data level.
  • Fixed NAACCR flat to XML conversion when using a persisted NAACCR XML layout.
  • Added a new preference to allow a longer timeout when dealing with data on a slow shared network.
  • Added ability to skip the analysis phase.

Version 3.13

  • Fixed error happening when switching from the basic to the advanced editor.
  • Improved fields selection for splitting and sorting options.
  • Added support for unlimited text data type in dictionary editor.
  • Added support for adding multiple user-defined dictionaries when converting flat to XML.
  • Fixed a bug preventing a NAACCR XML file with multiple dictionaries from being correctly recognized.
  • Fixed extra popup being displayed when trying to load an invalid layout.
  • Fixed file comparison tool crashing on medium and big data files with an out-of-memory error.

Version 3.12

  • Fixed partial dates having trailing spaces when creating NAACCR XML from NAACCR Fixed-columns.
  • Improved How To's help.

Version 3.11

  • Added an option to provide a user-defined dictionary when converting a fixed-columns NAACCR file to XML.
  • Fixed error happening when adding calculated fields to NAACCR XML file that contains StateRequestorItems values.

Version 3.10

  • Fixed error happening when adding non-standard data items to a NAACCR XML data file.

Version 3.9

  • Updated NAACCR 21 dictionary.
  • Added alternate text to help buttons as required by 508 compliance.
  • Added a couple new algorithms to that can be used to recode NAACCR data files.
  • Fixed issues in copy cell/column/row/table from contextual menu.
  • Improved NAACCR XML warnings feedback, added summary of counts per field.
  • Improved quick preview feature with special characters handling.
  • Improved process of registering a dictionary".

Version 3.8

  • Added support for NAACCR 21; the dictionary is not official yet and could change in a future release.
  • Updated embedded JRE to Java 11.0.8.
  • Now using URI to provide a default dictionary file name in dictionary editor.
  • Improved feedback of invalid NAACCR XML data files during analysis phase.

Version 3.7

  • Added Groovy context methods to call the MP/H library and compute same primary information.
  • Updated embedded JRE to Java 11.0.7.
  • Added new recode option to easily add calculated variables to a given NAACCR file.

Version 3.6

  • Renamed some NAACCR properties to align them with the official NAACCR XML IDs.
  • Now allowing NAACCR XML layouts to be used without being persisted and remembered.
  • Fixed filter evaluation progress bar not properly being updated.
  • Fixed non-standard data items not being written to the State Requestor Items when going from NAACCR XML to fixed-column.

Version 3.5

  • Stopped showing a read-only editor by default on the filter and recode pages; this is in preparation of a new recode option coming soon.
  • Fixed behavior of re-creating CSV files and selecting specific fields.
  • Improved logic that determine best NAACCR XML layout when multiple are available.
  • Updated embedded JRE to Java 11.0.6.
  • Added feature to dictionary editor to generate item ID from its name.
  • Added new Split File by Field Value feature.
  • Improved filtering NAACCR XML data by line number.

Version 3.4

  • Improved feedback when analyzing CSV data files.
  • Added support for checking for updates on startup.
  • Fixed CSV file creation with values that contain quotes.
  • Improved options for CSV extracts.
  • Sort option is now available for CSV file.
  • Fixed wrong number of records displayed in the summary after re-creating a data file.
  • Fixed application reporting an error when trying to create a CSV file from anther CSV file.
  • Added new tool to split a large ZIP file into multiple smaller ZIP files.
  • Allowed registering a NAACCR XML dictionary from a zip file without having to decompress the file first.
  • Added some missing calculated fields and improved the help about the algorithms used to compute those fields.

Version 3.3

  • Fixed some dates not being written properly when converting flat to XML.
  • Fixed progress dialog not properly cancelling a file analysis.
  • Now keeping track of recent folders.
  • Added support to process NAACCR flat files where all data lines are either too short or too long.
  • Added NAACCR XML dictionary editor.

Version 3.2

  • Fixed application crash when switching to a new data file with a different format.
  • Fixed formatting of text in the format selection dialog.
  • Fixed record type not properly recognized in layout creation dialog.
  • Fixed behavior of recoding full dates vs date parts.

Version 3.1

  • Improved file format discovery mechanism.
  • Fixed two date fields missing their month when converting XML to flat.
  • Updated embedded JRE to Java 11.0.5.
  • Fixed long input file path hiding other components in the summary panel.
  • Fixed entity counts not correctly updated when opening a file in the comparison window.

Version 3.0

  • Now using the superset of fields when comparing two data files with different formats.
  • Compressed NAACCR XML files referencing a user-defined dictionary not properly recognized in comparison tool.
  • Removed Version History page since that information is available on the SEER website.
  • Added a simplified GUI for creating filters and recode rules.
  • Re-branded the application as File*Pro.

Version 2.5

  • Fixed the installer not properly recognizing admin mode.
  • Updated embedded JRE to Java 12.0.2.
  • Updated NAACCR XML library to support specifications 1.4 and the automatic translation of the renamed data items in NAACCR 18.

Version 2.4

  • Added support for creating NAACCR XML layouts.
  • Added IARC Multiple Primary calculated fields.
  • Removed calculated fields from file comparison feature.
  • Added new menu item for how to's documentation.
  • Improved format options of the synthetic data generator.
  • Now displaying field documentation for non-standard year/month/day fields.

Version 2.3

  • Improved CSV extract options for file that needs to be processed in SAS.
  • Fixed summary counts not always being properly refreshed when reading NAACCR XML data.
  • Updated embedded JRE to Java 12.0.1.
  • Fixed line numbers not showing up for NAACCR XML tree view.
  • Improve behavior of patients without tumors in NAACCR XML data files.
  • Reviewed list of fields selected by default in table and NAACCR XML view.
  • Added embedded help dialog for filter and coding options.

Version 2.2

  • Fixed bad link to Groovy documentation.
  • Updated embedded JRE to Java 12.
  • Added new quick file preview feature.
  • Added support to create databases from NAACCR XML data files.

Version 2.1

  • Added option to generate synthetic data files for NAACCR Confidential format.
  • Improved extract output options, including new SAS-compatible CSV options.
  • Added support for comparing NAACCR XML files.
  • Added a new tree view for NAACCR XML data.

Version 2.0

  • Updated embedded Java to version 11.0.2.
  • Removed ZIP compression for creating extracts; it is still supported for reading an input data file.
  • Added new option for line separators in synthetic data generator.
  • Added a few new calculated variables related to survival time algorithm.
  • Replaced internal library responsible for sorting data files.
  • Fixed sort order of the versions in the Version History dialog.
  • Added tech support link to the About dialog.
  • Added an embedded JRE, this means the software doesn't require Java to be installed on the computer anymore.
  • Added ICD-O-3 to ICD-O-2 conversion utility method.
  • Added support for NAACCR XML format.
  • Updated application icons.

Version 1.11

  • Added new calculated fields for EOD schema ID and Name.
  • Removed Collaborative Stage derive context method.
  • Added support for NAACCR 18.
  • Changed the minimum Java version to be 1.8.
  • Improved help for dealing with State Requestor Items.
  • Changed the data structure used internally in preparation of NAACCR XML.
  • Updated TNM Staging algorithm to version 1.6.

Version 1.10

  • Fixed an issue resulting to the progress bar sometimes becoming frozen at the beginning or the end of the processing of a data file.
  • Updated the algorithms library to version 1.8. This affected the NHIA algorithm and the algorithm for Census Tract Poverty.
  • It is now possible to register CSV layouts.
  • It is now possible to specify which fields should be used when using the sort option.
  • Added support for re-creating a flat NAACCR file as a CSV file with a subset of the fields.
  • Now presenting all the formats to the user when a more than one can be used for a given data file.

Version 1.9

  • Improved table copy-to-clipboard context menu options.
  • Added an option to blank out non-printable (control) characters when re-creating the data file.
  • Added a new menu item in the help for checking if a new version is available.
  • Improved readme file instructions.
  • Added a filter to the list of available context methods.
  • Added new context method for converting ICD codes.
  • Fixed CSV extract not printing a header line.
  • Fixed visual defects with the Windows Classic Theme.
  • Added more content to the Frequently Asked Questions in the help.

Version 1.8

  • Added menu item to view the folder containing customized layouts.
  • Added option to open new extract after creating it.
  • Added proper support for re-defining some input/output folders using environment variables.
  • Fixed a bug where all columns were available for display when importing a NAACCR CSV file.
  • Fixed auto-completion in Groovy editor that would sometimes add an extra new line.
  • Fixed an issue where applying an empty table filter would crash the application.
  • Added a preference for the cut-off year of the Death Classification algorithms.
  • Added missing help for synthetic data and comparison features.

Version 1.7

  • Updated Algorithms library to get latest census tract poverty indicator calculation.
  • Removed menu item for comparison tool.
  • Fixed extract file name not properly updated when format is modified.
  • Fixed an error happening when opening a second file without closing the application.
  • Fixed a bug in the script validation logic for CSV files.
  • Updated library dependencies.
  • Added a new embedded tool to create synthetic NAACCR data files.
  • Added more information when analyzing files with non-ascii characters in them.
  • Fixed a bug that would result in Java sometimes not being found when it is actually available on the machine.
  • Added support for TNM staging.
  • The software now requires Java 8 at minimum.
  • The application will now allow a file with wrong line lengths to be processed.
  • Improved file comparison options.
  • Added an option when re-creating files to not apply default padding rules; option is on by default.

Version 1.6.2

  • Fixed unexpected error when trying to view the NAACCR 16 documentation via the menu item.
  • Fixed the columns information in the documentation of some of the NAACCR 16 fields.
  • Added new disclaimer about changing the format of a given data file.

Version 1.6.1

  • Added missing button to view NAACCR 16 documentation; fixed help that was missing NAACCR 16 information.
  • Added a context function to calculate the Collaborative Stage derived variables.

Version 1.6

  • Added support for NAACCR 16.
  • Fixed a bug where the NPCR field (item number 3720) was being trimmed.
  • Added support for Census Tract Poverty Indicator calculated variable.
  • Added extract output option to use the same end-of-line characters as the input file.
  • Changed the ICCC algorithm (available as a context method) from Third Edition to WHO 2008.
  • Improved scripts validation related to subfields.
  • Replaced the CStage DLL by a pure java implementation.
  • Added support for evaluating a Groovy filter without actually processing the input file.
  • Added support for providing list of NAACCR Item Numbers in the item filters.
  • Added a feature for sorting the records in a file by Registry ID, Patient ID Number and Sequence Number Central.
  • Added support for reporting the first non-ASCII character in a given file, even if the file format is not recognized.

Version 1.5.2

  • Fixed a bug that made the "calcCauseSpecificDeathClassification" and "calcCauseOtherDeathClassification" not available to the scripts.

Version 1.5.1

  • Fixed some documentation not being properly rendered for the NAACCR fields.
  • Fixed an issue causing the end-of-line to be wrongly recognized as Mixed.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent the application from processing a valid file.
  • Fixed a mistake in the "seerdataviewer.command" file.

Version 1.5

  • The application now requires at least Java7.
  • Fixed bug where "and counting" label wouldn't go away after analyzing a data file.
  • Added support for NAACCR 15.
  • Added end-of-line information in the file summary section.
  • Improved error message for invalid data files; the filter, recode and output tabs become available only for valid files.
  • Added support for new Rural Urban calculated variables.
  • Added context method to deal with the state requestor items.
  • Split the output page into "Output" and "Output Options" to allow more options for individual output type selection.
  • Replace in/out folders env keys by user preferences
  • It is now possible to use "n" and "N" as a prefix for the column headers in a NAACCR CSV file.
  • Improved help for loading individual date parts in NAACCR CSV files.
  • Since the data files are supposed to be grouped by patient ID, filtering by that field will stop as soon as the grouped records have been found.
  • Added an option to not include the calculated variables in the created database.
  • Added support for saving list of fields.

Version 1.4

  • Added an option to close the current data file.
  • Added support for user preferences.
  • Added SEER Cause-Specific Death Classification as new calculated variables.
  • Fixed an exception when opening on old database using a CSV layout.
  • Added NHIA and NAPIIA calculated variables.
  • Added a disclaimer when selecting calculated fields in the comparison tool.

Version 1.3

  • Updated Collaborative Stage to version 020550.
  • Added support for NAACCR 14 data files.
  • Added more extract options to the data files comparison tool.
  • Now displaying the number of records when creating an extract.
  • Added a Version History window.

Version 1.2

  • Fixed an error when selecting a zip file from the recent files.
  • Renamed a few calculated variables to avoid conflicts with existing NAACCR fields.
  • Updated Survival Time calculation algorithm.
  • Added support for calculated SEER Historic Stage variable.
  • Fixed an issue when loading a NAACCR CSV file and extracting it into a full NAACCR data file; this issue was mainly affecting date fields.
  • Made result text in comparison tool non-editable.

Version 1.1

  • Improved how the filters and coding scripts are saved and loaded.
  • Added support for a global script context that can be accessed from one processed record to another.
  • Added support for fake properties that can be saved on the processed records; those must start with an underscore.
  • The filter and recoding scripts are now executed on entire patient set, not just records, allowing patient set variables to be calculated.
  • Moved the recent files to the File menu item, made other GUI improvements to the main window.
  • Added support for NAACCR 13 data files.
  • Added a warning when the options are about to be cleared.
  • Improved SQL editor.
  • Added a data files comparison tool.
  • Added support for new Survival Time variables.
  • Updated SEER Site Recode algorithm to the 2010+ version.
  • Added column headers when copying the entire table of results to the clipboard.
  • Added support for registering a customized layout XML file.
  • Added support for NAACCR CSV files.
  • Added support for selecting a file within a zip file.
  • Improve scripts validation.

Version 1.0

  • Initial release of the software.