These presentations were developed for the 2010 data collection rules and are provided as an archive for registrars who still need access to them. Do not apply the instructions in these archived modules to cases diagnosed 2012 and later. New modules are being developed for the 2012 data collection rules.

We strongly encourage you to view these presentations in the order they are listed. Modules 1-4 are available on the main Online Training page because they are relevant to both the new 2012 and the 2010 data and manual. CEU certificates and quizzes are not available for archived training materials.

5. Moving through the Rules

6. Case Reportability Instructions

7. Multiple Primary Rules

8. Primary Site and Histology Rules Part I

9. Primary Site and Histology Rules Part II

10. Primary Site and Histology Rules Part III

11. Grade of Tumor Rules

12. The Hematopoietic Database

This session has been divided into six parts due to the size and length of the original presentation. If you have trouble viewing or downloading the whole presentation at once, please try viewing the six sections individually.

13. Navigating the Electronic Hematopoietic Manual

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