The Multiple Primary and Histology Coding Rules are available in three formats: flowchart, matrix and text. The different formats were developed to meet the needs of different learning styles. The rules are identical in each of the three formats. Using all three formats is not recommended. It is best to choose one format. Do not combine old rules with the new.

The MP/H Rules manual is available in PDF format and may be downloaded below as a single file or by section. If you purchased the manual from NCRA, download the replacement pages for the Data Items section below.

Release Notes: The Manual Sections and Complete Manual in a single PDF incorporate all the revisions through 08/24/2012.

MP/H Rules Manual with Replacement Pages

You must first read the "Multiple Primary Instructions and Histology Instructions" and appropriate "Terms and Definitions" in order to use the rules properly.  Please read and follow those instructions.

Manual Sections

Complete Manual in a single PDF (PDF, 3.8 MB) (revised 08/24/2012) - Includes Data Items effective for cases diagnosed 1/1/2012.

Replacement Pages

If you have already downloaded and printed an earlier version of the manual, you can access the replacement pages below separately to insert into your copy.

Suggested Citation

Johnson CH, Peace S, Adamo P, Fritz A, Percy-Laurry A, Edwards BK.  The 2007 Multiple Primary and Histology Coding Rules.  National Cancer Institute, Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results Program.  Bethesda, MD, 2007.