NOTE: The original training videos have been removed from the site, but the slides are still available for reference. Presentations will be added in the future to cover revisions to the Hematopoietic Coding Manual and Database.

Modules 5-13 from the 2010 coding rules are available from the 2010 Online Training Archive page.

1. Background

  • Download the slides [PowerPoint (PPT, 1.5 MB)] [PDF (PDF, 410 KB)]

2. Disease Presentations and Diagnostic Process

  • Download the slides [PowerPoint (PPT, 2.3 MB)][PDF (PDF, 1.4 MB)]

3. Lineages Part I

  • Download the slides [PowerPoint (PPT, 2.6 MB)] [PDF (PDF, 707 KB)]

4. Lineages Part II

  • Download the slides [PowerPoint (PPT, 2.2 MB)] [PDF (PDF, 904 KB)]