MP/H Training - The Fundamentals

The recorded webcasts are no longer available.

The links to the cases and answers, as well as the PDF transcripts of previously-available sessions are available below. To complete the training for each cancer site, you must download and work through the site-specific case files before viewing the rules practicum.

1. Introduction: Multiple Primary and Histology Coding Rules (November 3, 2006]

2. Lung

Lung Rules Presentation [November 9, 2006] Lung Cases and Answers Lung Practicum [November 14, 2006]

3. Colon

Colon Rules Presentation [November 29, 2006]
Colon Cases and Answers Colon Rules Practicum [December 4, 2006]

4. Breast

Breast Rules Presentation [December 8, 2006]
Breast Cases and Answers Breast Rules Practicum [December 15, 2006]

5. Head and Neck

Head and Neck Rules Presentation Head and Neck Cases and Answers Head and Neck Rules Practicum [January 19, 2007]

6. Other Sites

Other Sites Rules Presentation [January 23, 2007]
Other Sites Cases and Answers Other Sites Rules Practicum [January 29, 2007]

7. Kidney

Kidney Rules Presentation [February 9, 2007]
Kidney Cases and Answers Kidney Rules Practicum [February 27, 2007]

8. Bladder and Other Urinary Sites

Bladder and Other Urinary Sites Rules Presentation [February 16, 2007]
Bladder Cases and Answers Renal Pelvis and Ureter Cases and Answers Bladder and Other Urinary Sites Rules Practicum [February 20, 2007]

9. Melanoma

Melanoma Rules Presentation [March 2, 2007]
Melanoma Cases and Answers Melanoma Rules Practicum [March 9, 2007]

10. Malignant Brain and CNS

Brain Rules Presentation [March 19, 2007]

Brain Cases and Answers Brain Rules Practicum [March 23, 2007]

11. New Data Items

New Data Rules Presentation [March 30, 2007]
New Data Cases and Answers New Data Rules Practicum [April 4, 2007]