September 2014 Release

Summary Report

  • Total number of drugs listed in SEER*Rx: 1817
  • Total number of regimens listed in SEER*Rx: 510
  • Number of drugs added: 0
    *please note that no new drugs are included in this release. The next update to SEER*Rx which is scheduled for Winter 2014 will include all new FDA approved drugs as well as new drugs currently in clinical trials since the August 2013 update.
  • Number of drugs modified - many, as we went through each list of Alternate Names, Abbreviation, Category, Sub-Category and Primary site and removed duplicates. Other than that no substantial changes were made to any of the drug information. Some drugs were renamed (see below for list).
  • Number of drugs deleted: 16
  • Number of regimens added: 0
  • Number of regimens being modified: 111 regimens are in the process of being renamed such that they will end up with unique names. These regimens will be made public as they are completed. You will no longer see multiple regimens with the same name in the database.
  • Number of regimens deleted: 253 regimens were merged into existing regimens where the regimen had the exact same list of drugs but was identified by a different name. The regimen that was merged had its name added to the list of alternate names for the regimen that was retained.

List of Drugs that Changed Category

Drug Name Previous Category New Category Effective Date
T-Cell Therapy None Biologic therapy (BRM, Immunotherapy) 9/30/2014

Deleted Drugs

Deleted Drugs Drugs Deleted but Moved to Glossary
Telomerase VEGF Inhibitor
Resten-NG Vascular Epidermal Growth Factor 2 Tyrokinase Inhibitor
RO50-4258 RAS peptides
SC-787 MedPulser Therapy System
SC4071 K-ras Protein
MN-3 TACE Procedure
PEN 203  

Renamed Drugs

Old Name New Name
Kyprolis* Carfilzomab
Removab* Catumaxomab
Cometriq* Cabozantinib
MDV3100* Enzalutamide
Perjeta* Pertuzumab
NAC* N-acetylcysteine

* added to the Alternate Names list.

August 2013 Release

A comprehensive review of the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) database for newly approved Hematology/Oncology drugs has been completed. Reviews of drugs approved January 1, 2012 to June 13, 2013 have been completed. Additional resources have been reviewed which resulted in the August 2013 update. No drugs have changed categories as a result of this update.

Summary Report

  • Total number of drugs listed in SEER*RX: 1834
  • Total number of Regimens listed in SEER*RX: 874
  • Number of drugs added: 9
  • Number of drugs modified: 20 (includes spelling and grammar corrects, updated remarks)
  • Number of regimens added: 21

New Drugs

Drug Name Category
Ado-trastuzumab emtansine BRM/Immunotherapy
Dabrafenib Chemotherapy
Gilotrif Chemotherapy
Ibrutinib Chemotherapy
Palbociclib Chemotherapy
Pomalidomide BRM/Immunotherapy
TACE procedure Definition/coding instructions
Trametinib Chemotherapy
Xofigo Radiation/radio-therapeutic drug

New Regimens

  • 7+3
  • CB
  • CBI
  • CEPP
  • CFAR
  • CIM
  • CLAG-M
  • COI
  • FLO
  • HDAC
  • ICE-V
  • LV5FU-P
  • MPV
  • OFF
  • PAD
  • R-MPV
  • TPC
  • VMPT

January 2013 Release

Important Update

A comprehensive review of chemotherapeutic drugs currently found in SEER*RX has been completed and in keeping with the FDA, the following drugs listed in the table below have changed categories from Chemotherapy to BRM/Immunotherapy. This change is effective with diagnosis date January 1, 2013 forward. For cases diagnosed prior to January 1, 2013 continue coding these six drugs as chemotherapy. Coding instructions related to this change have been added to the remarks field for the applicable drugs.

Drug Name(s) Previous Category New Category Effective Date
Alemtuzumab/Campath Chemotherapy BRM/Immuno 1/1/2013
Bevacizumab/Avastin Chemotherapy BRM/Immuno 1/1/2013
Rituximab Chemotherapy BRM/Immuno 1/1/2013
Trastuzumab/Herceptin Chemotherapy BRM/Immuno 1/1/2013
Pertuzumab/Perjeta Chemotherapy BRM/Immuno 1/1/2013
Cetuximab/Erbitux Chemotherapy BRM/Immuno 1/1/2013

Summary Report:

  • Total number of drugs listed in SEER*RX: 1825
  • Total number of Regimens listed in SEER*RX: 853
  • Number of drugs added: 12
  • Number of drugs modified: 71 (includes spelling and grammar corrections, updated remarks)
  • Number of regimens added: 3
  • Number of regimens deleted: 1 (duplicate)
  • Number of regimens modified: 255
    • When SEER*RX was moved to the new format, an ancillary drug, which is not coded, was inadvertently added to 255 regimens. The drug in question has been deleted from these regimens.