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Report Produced: 03/24/2023 22:31 PM

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20140006 Date Therapy Initiated--Corpus Uteri: How should this field be coded for an endometrial primary when the patient undergoes a hysteroscopic polypectomy on 01/08/2014 (Surgery code 25), followed by a TAH/BSO on 02/07/2014 (Surgery code 50)? See discussion. The hysteroscopic polypectomy showed multiple tissue fragments with invasive endometrioid adenocarcinoma. The hysterectomy and BSO removed an 8.2cm endometrioid carcinoma with no extra-uterine involvement. Record 01/08/2014 for date therapy initiated assuming there was no therapy prior to this date. A polypectomy is a surgical procedure for purposes of coding date therapy initiated.
20081006 Multiplicity Counter: Is there a time frame for the Multiplicity Counter or is it related to the duration for counting new tumors (i.e. 5 years for breast, etc) to capture the number of "local recurrences"? Record the number of tumors counted as a single primary at the time the case is abstracted. Later, if additional tumors are determined to be the same primary, update this field once. Do not update the multiplicity counter more than once.
20051039 2004 SEER Manual Errata/Cancer-Directed Therapy: Is the phrase "cancer directed therapy" still applicable? Remove the phrase "cancer-directed therapy" from pages 174 and 175 of the 2004 SEER manual.
20051049 Reportability/Primary Site--Head & Neck: If a wedge resection/shield resection is performed on the lower lip for SCCA and the path report refers to "lip, NOS" with no mention of vermilion border, is this case reportable? Review the operative and pathology reports, and the physical exam for mention of "mucosal surface" (reportable) or "skin" (not reportable). If neither are mentioned, lip, NOS is reportable per the ICD-O-3 code of C009.
20130124 Reportability--Heme & Lymphoid Neoplasms: Is Rosai-Dorfman's syndrome (histiocytosis) a reportable malignant condition? Rosai-Dorfman disease is not reportable. Rosai-Dorfman disease is a rare non-neoplastic disease. This disease can mimic lymphoma and extranodal involvement is frequent.
20120090 First course treatment/Chemotherapy: Can a drug be coded as treatment for primary sites or histologies not listed for that drug in the SEER*Rx Database? See Discussion.

The patient was diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia in 2008 followed by a diagnosis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia in 2011. Per the physician statement, the patient started nilotinib in 10/2011 for CML.

The SEER*Rx Database lists CML and GIST as the only primary site/histology combinations treated using nilotinib. Can nilotinib also be coded as treatment for the CLL primary?

SEER*Rx lists the approved sites/histologies for each drug. However, if you have a physician statement that indicates the drug was given for another site/histology, code the agent as treatment for that site/histology.
20031185 Primary Site: How is this field coded for a mass involving the gastroesophageal junction and lower third of the esophagus? See Description. We have an EGD report describing an ulcerated and infiltrative circumferential non-bleeding 10 cm. mass of malignant appearance found at the gastro-esophageal junction and lower third of the esophagus. The mass caused a partial obstruction. Biopsies were taken from the the gastroesophageal junction and lower third of esophagus. Pathologic diagnosis: Adenocarcinoma. Would this be coded C26.8? Search for a statement indicating the site of origin. If the site of origin cannot be determined, and there is evidence of Barrett's esophagus, code the topography in the example above to C15.5 [Lower third of esophagus]. If there is no evidence of Barrett's esophagus, assign code C16.0 [Gastroesophageal junction]. Either C15.5 or C16.0 would be preferable to C26.8, which is very non-specific and includes GI tract, pancreas and biliary tract.

Reportability--Ovary: Is a Stage IIIC serous borderline tumor (micropapillary type) of the ovary diagnosed in 2003 reportable?

Serous borderline tumor of the ovary diagnosed in 2003 is not reportable to SEER. The behavior code is /1 in ICD-O-3. The high stage does not make this borderline tumor reportable.
20091094 Reportability--Anal canal: Are squamous cell carcinomas arising in a condyloma of the rectum reportable or should we assume that the site is skin of anus or perianal area and not reportable? Squamous cell carcinoma arising in a rectal condyloma is reportable. Do not assume the site is skin of anus or perianal.
20061040 Reportability--Anus: Is a final diagnosis on a pathology report of "squamous cell carcinoma of the anus, NOS" assumed to be a skin of anus primary or a primary of the anus? Squamous cell carcinoma of the anus is reportable unless known or stated to be skin of anus.