This is a document containing changes only. Do not use in place of the Solid Tumor Rules.

General Instructions

  • References to Other Sites and Melanoma updated throughout document.
  • How to use the Multiple Primary Rules section: Statement Added: "Do not use physician staging to determine multiple primaries."
  • Timing Rules section: Statement Added: "No evidence of disease (NED) means complete response to treatment."
  • Section updated: Important Information for Coding Histologic Type for Cases Diagnosed 1/1/2018 Forward.
  • Priority Order for Using Documentation to Code Histology section: Information added: "Which document to use when there is conflicting information between the final diagnosis, synoptic report, or CAP protocol."
  • Definitions added for CAP Protocol, Final Diagnosis, and Synoptic Report.

Cutaneous Melanoma

Initial publication of Cutaneous Melanoma Solid Tumor Rules (For use with cases 1/1/2021 and forward).