The following corrections should be noted for the monograph, Selected Comparisons of Measures of Health Disparities: A Review Using Databases Relevant to Healthy People 2010 Cancer-Related Objectives:

  1. Page 2, 1st column, 4th and 5th lines down – The number included in the reference to the figure appears as: “Figure S2.” It should read: “Figure S1.”     
  2. Page 2, 1st column, 9th line down – A reference to the Legend on Figure S1 notes an incorrect color value/reference. The text currently reads …“yellow means a change (increase or decrease) of less than 10%… The correct color value/reference is: “blue.” 
  3. Page 2, 2nd column, in question 3. Why does the choice of disparity measure matter? 7th line down, informs the reader: “the left side of the Figure below shows trends in lung cancer incidence…This refers to Figure S2.
  4. Page 3, in the legend at the bottom of Figure S1, in the blue section, the correct value associated with the range should read:  “10% to (-)10%” As currently presented in the Legend, it is incomplete. This change should also appear on page 81, in Figure 38.