SEER 13, SEER 18, SEER 21

Geographic Area:
Entire State

Entered SEER Program: 1999
First Full Year of Data: 1992

Principal Investigators:
Dr. Sarah Nash

Web Site:
Alaska Native Tumor RegistryExternal Web Site Policy

Population Characteristics of the Alaska Native Tumor Registry (2010 Census Data 1)

Race/Ethnicity Both Sexes % of Total Registry Population
  1. Source: U.S. Bureau of Census, Census 2010, Summary File 1, Table DP-1.
  2. Since each person could report multiple races in the 2010 Census, race-specific counts and percentages in this table are based on persons self-reporting only one race.
  3. Only the American Indian/Alaska Native populations within this state are covered by SEER.
American Indian / Alaska Native 2,3 104,871 100