SEER 8, SEER 12, SEER 17, SEER 22

Geographic Area:
Region 8: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo counties

Entered SEER Program: 1973
First Full Year of Data: 1975

Principal Investigator:
Dr. Scarlett Lin Gomez

Web Site:
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Population Characteristics of the San Francisco-Oakland Registry (2020 Census Data1)

Race/Ethnicity Both Sexes % of Total Registry Population
  1. Source: U.S. Bureau of Census, Census 2020, DEC Redistricting Data (PL 94-171), Tables P1, P2
  2. Total Population equals the sum of the White, Black, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, Other Race, and Two or More Races.
  3. Since each person could report multiple races in the 2020 Census, race-specific counts and percentages in this table are based on persons self-reporting only one race.
  4. Hispanic ethnicity is tabulated independently of race, so Hispanic persons may be of any race.
Total2 4,749,008 100.00
White3 1,866,480 39.30
Black3 335,135 7.05
American Indian / Alaska Native3 48,985 1.03
Asian3 1,306,262 27.51
Native Hawaiian / Pacific Islander3 33,644 0.71
Other Race3 604,026 12.71
Two or More Races 554,476 11.67
Hispanic4 1,086,206 22.87