If you are new to SEER*Stat or are a little rusty, we encourage you to work through one or more of the SEER*Stat Tutorials. The first exercises were designed to introduce the SEER*Stat working environment and describe the features of SEER*Stat. Other tutorials provide examples of common uses of the program and data.

The SEER*Stat help system was updated for the March 2014 release of SEER*Stat 8.1.5. Context-sensitive help is always available when using the SEER*Stat program by selecting Context-Sensitive Help from the Help menu; pressing the Help buttons provided on dialogs; or pressing F1 (when a help button is not present). A Web-based version of the help system is also available.

Technical Support Resources

If after using these resources, you are still unable to resolve the problem or question you have regarding SEER*Stat, contact the SEER*Stat Technical Support.

The Javascript used in the Web-based version of the SEER*Stat Help System does not support assistive software. The manual has also been compiled in an accessible format.