These exercises assume that you are familiar with using SEER*Stat. If you are just getting started, be sure to do the introductory tutorials first.

Limited-Duration Prevalence

Prevalence Exercise 1: Limited-Duration Prevalence
  • Calculating 26-year Limited-Duration Prevalence Estimates
  • Include only first malignant primary for each person
  • Defining survival cohorts
Prevalence Exercise 2a: 5-year Limited-Duration Prevalence Estimates
  • Using the both the Selection and Statistic tabs to select records in a prevalence session
  • Using survival cohort variables
Prevalence Exercise 2b: Changing the Multiple Primary Selection
  • Use more than one primary cancer for an individual in the analysis

Multiple Primary - Standardized Incidence Ratios

MP-SIR Exercise 1a: Introduction to the MP-SIR Tables
  • Examine multiple subsequent cancers for the cohort defined by an index record
  • Referent rate files provided with SEER*Stat
MP-SIR Exercise 1b: Generate Frequency Tables
  • Define the Event Record groupings
  • Calculate a frequency of the events
MP-SIR Exercise 1c: Generate a Case Listing Table
  • MP-SIR case listing tables
  • Variables automatically included in an MP-SIR case listing