SEER*Stat Tutorials: Fundamentals

SEER*Stat Basics

Please read through the Session and Matrix Windows tutorial before moving to exercises for specific calculations.

Calculating Frequencies

Frequency Exercise 1a: Introduction to SEER*Stat
  • Software interface - session types
  • Basic concepts - order of operations, variable definition
  • Generating results

Frequency Exercise 1b: User-defined Variables
  • File management strategies - extracting a session from the results matrix
  • Introduction to the data dictionary - creating your own variables

Frequency Exercise 2: Cancer Site and Customizing Results
  • 3 SEER variables related to cancer type
  • Customize the results - matrix options

Individual Cancer Records (Case Listings)

Case Listing Exercise 1a: View Individual Cancer Cases
  • Create lists of tumors, not lists of people
  • Formats of variable values in the output

Case Listing Exercise 1b: View Patient Histories
  • Narrow selection of persons based on cancer history
  • Multiple tumors listed per person in data

Case Listing Exercise 2: Exporting Data into SAS
  • Use the Export menu to export data from the results matrix
  • Export results as a text file and generate SAS code to read the file